Pros and Cons Of Becoming An Elementary School Teacher

By admin / November 7, 2016 / 0 Comments
Pro: What you do for a living really matters. You will get to feel that what you did today made a difference in someone's life. Teaching children the skills they need to become successful adults is a rewarding experience. You...

The Pros and Cons of Working As an EMT

By Guest Contributor / November 19, 2012 / 0 Comments
Emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, are important figures in the world of healthcare and medicine. When medical emergencies arise, they are the first ones on the scene, ready to provide immediate medical attention and keep patients in a stable condition...

7 Must-Have Characteristics Of A Police Detective

By admin / January 21, 2014 / 0 Comments
Detectives are undeniably intriguing, and many of us secretly wish that we could be on the front lines of a criminal investigation. Questioning suspects. Putting the pieces together. Catching criminals in their lies. These are all aspects of detective work...

5 Reasons Why Working in the Pharmaceutical Industry is Rewarding

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The pharmaceutical industry is the most successful research-based industry in Britain and its employees contribute more to the national economy per head than those of any other sector. Nearly 70,000 people work in the industry, of whom nearly half are...

The Pros and Cons of a Career in Forensic Science

By Guest Contributor / November 27, 2012 / 0 Comments
A career in forensic science has become an increasingly popular choice for the best and brightest students heading off to college. While working on scientific inquiries that help solve crimes and solidify legal proceedings is certainly a noble enterprise all on its...

The Pros and Cons of Working in Catering

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One of the most common jobs in the hospitality business is working in catering. Whether you're an event planner, a chef, a bartender, a waiter or a busboy, a busy catering service will offer no shortage of work opportunities. The...

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing The Right Career For You!

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When you need to decide which career field you want to go down, it can leave you with a tough decision. Whether you have just finished school, or are looking for a new direction, you need to think about it...

The Pros and Cons of a Career in Property Management

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Property managers work as the liaison between landlords and tenants in properties all over the world. Because so many landlords have multiple properties in their ownership, and because those properties may be in several different cities, they need qualified managers...
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Challenges of Running a Solo Business From Home & How to Overcome Them

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Running your own business is always hard. But it becomes even harder when that business is being run from your home. There are so many challenges that can arise. And some of them are very difficult to overcome. That’s not...

The Pros and Cons of Working the Medical Field

By Guest Contributor / November 9, 2012 / 0 Comments
If you're someone who is seriously considering entering into the medical field, without a doubt, that is admirable. Whether you're a doctor, a technician or even someone who assists in a medical office, because industry is focused on the health...

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We are here to help with resume writing, job search, interview tips, and starting a new job. Not all of us are lucky enough to work for Google. Most of us dislike our jobs or soon will. In fact, the average worker changes jobs every 2.5 years.

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The Interview Process


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The Job Search Market is Tough! Let Us Help You

Hi, if you’re looking for a job, you know how tough it is in the current disastrous economic environment. Competition has never been fiercer for the reduced number of jobs and you MUST be sharper and more knowledgeable than ever to be considered.

Invariably, it’s the “hiring manager” who decides if you get hired and this is the person you must impress. I know, because I’ve been a hiring manager for over 25 years in both large and small companies, public and private sector, and I’ve interviewed and hired hundreds of people.

When I say “hiring manager,” I don’t mean the people in Human Resources and I don’t mean the people in recruiting agencies. I mean the managers who are actually managing some part of an organization – these are the people who have job openings to fill.

The hiring manager is the person who makes the final hiring decision. In your job search, this is the person whom you will have to convince to give you the job!

Given this fact, the hiring manager – not the big generic job search sites and not professional recruiters – is the best person to give you advice on how to obtain a new job in the shortest time possible.

I’m currently a hiring manager in a large (16,000 employees) organization and I know what hiring mangers want to see from a job applicant. Plus, I “eat my own dog food”. That is, I’ve used the advice you’ll find on this site in my own job searches to successfully find and land a job, so I know it works.

I’ll also tell you how to stay out of trouble in your job search, particularly while working online. For example, before beginning an online job search, remember that most employers nowadays scour search engines and social networks for details on applicants. Michael Fertik of recommends using any privacy filters available to protect your online image.

I’ll also have advice for you HR Managers out there. As with applicants, online job searches can cause some headaches for HR managers. As a Hiring manager, I’ve asked my Human Resources Department to use many of these and I know they can deliver a large number of qualified applicants quickly. It can thus be challenging to research so many candidates and you’ll need a way to easily get a background check for each of your applicants and make sure they are right for the job.

What you’ll find here is a hiring manager’s perspective on how to find a job. Much of this advice will be different from what you’ll find elsewhere because it’s not based on traditional theory about how to find a job. It’s based on what hiring managers are actually looking for and where they are looking for it.

To find a job as quickly as possible, you need to know several things:

  • How to best organize your job search
  • The best ways to find open positions
  • The best ways to write your resume and, just as important, your cover letter
  • How to increase your chance for an interview when you apply
  • What hiring managers are looking for once you’re in the interview

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