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JobGoRound was created to be a resource for job seekers throughout the job search process. Turn here for expert advice on job searching, resume writing, cover letter writing, interviewing, starting a new job, quitting a job, and more. is a website that is designed to provide job searchers with a variety of valuable tools and resources.  It seems like there are more and more websites dedicated to helping people finding employment every month.  It is important to understand what each one offers and why it could benefit you.  Here is a closer look at and what it provides.

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1.    Job Search. The job search on is an aggregate search engine.  This means that it compiles employment listings from a variety of sources, both local and nationwide.  It also allows employers to post a job directly to the website.  The job search seems to have limited duplicate entries, which is a problem that many other aggregators face.

2.    Writing. There is a section of that is dedicated entirely to helping people improve their job search writing skills.  Along with providing valuable information, it also promotes helpful items such as a resume creator and writing service.

3.    Resume Service Reviews. The resume services section has a number of different resources available.  There are a variety of different review sections that provides information about services that are available across the web.  There are reviews of resume writing services, resume distribution services, resume editing services, resume builder services, and resume software.

4.    Job Interview. The Job Interview page provides a variety of interview tips and tricks as well as discussing some potentially helpful resources such as the Job Interview success System.

5.    Career Articles. The Articles section can be an excellent information resources.  The topics that are discussed include: resume writing, career advice, interviewing, cover letter creation, and dealing with recruiters.  All of the articles seem to be straightforward and to the point.

6.    Blog. has a comprehensive job search blog that seems to be updated on a regular basis.  The topics include: job search tips, resume writing, job interviewing, career advice, cover letter writing, and recruiters.

7.    Tools. The Tools section provides links to helpful internal and external job search tools.  The tools include resume analysis, a free career test, Craigslist job trends, resume tag cloud, and even a salary calculator. In Review

With all of the resources that are available, it is obvious that is much more than a simple job board.  It is a full job search service that provides an aggregator feed so that you can see as many listings as possible, without needing to worry about duplicate ads showing up.

Along with these tools, a vast amount of free information is made available as well.  The Articles and Blog sections both cover a a variety of topics that are extremely relevant to the average job searcher. goes far beyond a job search service by providing, not only potential job openings, but also providing searchers with valuable tools that can make finding a job and actually landing a job much easier.

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