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3 Simple Ways to be a Major Asset at Work

With unemployment rates still high and the competition for good jobs fierce, it is important to stay on top in your chosen profession. Employers don’t have the time or energy to put up with employees who are not willing to take the initiative and complete projects successfully. With a hundred other professionals eager to take your job if you aren’t satisfactory, it is more important than ever to stand out. Here are three simple ways to be a major asset at work.


1. Be flexible

Employers are understanding when you have to come in late or leave early, but not if it becomes a routine. Free up your schedule and be willing to stay late or leave early if you have to. Do not turn down responsibilities outside of your job role, either. It’s important to show your boss that you can handle any kind of responsibility, making you a valuable employee. Don’t be afraid to speak up, and let your employer know that if they need someone flexible and reliable you are the one.


2. Volunteer

Does your boss want to put together a new team to brainstorm marketing ideas? Does the Vice President need people for a side project? Volunteer. By taking additional responsibilities, you not only have a chance to take a management role but to show your boss that you are a team player. If you are not sure whether you understand the details about your role in a new project or team, that’s okay. Show that you are willing first and ask for help later.


3. Make suggestions

If you have ideas for the company, speak up. For example, if you work in a dental office, show your managers how to use the new dental software for Mac or suggest sending dental postcards to clients to thank them for using your service. Do not suggest things generally; make it clear that you plan on taking a role. By identifying how you can help, you are showing initiative and passion for betting your workplace. Managers want great ideas from their employees.


It’s crucial to stand out when you have the kind of job that hundreds of other workers would love to have. Follow these three key rules to be sure you are known as an asset and not a burden for your company. Unemployment is still high and great jobs are very valuable. Don’t let yourself become the one on the outside, looking for an opening.

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