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4 Difficult Health Careers To Break Into

4 Difficult Health Careers To Break IntoGetting involved in the health care field can be very rewarding. The joys of making sick people feel better are truly amazing. However, getting into many health care professions requires a tremendous amount of commitment and dedication. There are many health care professions that require years of schooling before you are ready to practice. Here is a look at four difficult health care careers to break into.


1. Dentists


Becoming a dentist is no easy task. It takes a lot of schooling before dentists are ready to practice on their own. After four years of college, dentists have to undergo four years of dental school, which is extremely competitive, before they can become licensed dentists. All of this schooling means that patients can go to their family dentist in Simi Valley with confidence in their knowledge. Four years of dental school teaches dentists everything they need to know about caring for teeth.


2. Physicians


Of all the medical fields, physicians have the most rigorous road to their careers. First of all, they must earn tremendous grades as well as pass a difficult entrance exam to get into medical school. After they finish four years of college and four years of medical school, doctors must then complete an internship of at least one year before they are done with their training. In fact, most doctors do residencies of several years before they are fully fledged physicians. It is a grueling training path that can wear down even the most dedicated medical professional.


3. Pharmacists


Many people don’t realize that the road to becoming a pharmacist is very grueling. It takes four years of college to get into pharmacy school. It then takes four years of pharmacy school before students can take their licensing exams to become pharmacists. There is a lot to know for pharmacists about the medication they dispense, and they have to know more about the medication than the physicians who prescribe it. There are some pharmacy programs that allow students to combine their undergraduate and pharmacy school education into six years, but this requires students to begin their training straight out of high school.


4. Psychologists


Becoming a psychologist is much like becoming a physician. It requires students to complete four years of undergraduate education before they complete four years of graduate school. Psychologists also are required to do internships just as physicians do. They also have to pass a licensing exam before they can start to see patients on their own.

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