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4 Secrets to Getting Your Dream Job


recruiterThe rules of the job-hunt change from year to year. That’s why to stand out in today’s competitive hiring climate, you have to network, talk to job placement agents and improve your skills by taking classes. No matter your age or your industry, you need to know the right tricks and tips to make a career comeback after a job loss or to find a job straight out of college.

Talk to Recruiters and Headhunters

According to the Computer Systems Institute, one of the fastest ways to speed up your job search is to talk to recruiters and headhunters. These placement agents work with corporate companies looking for entry- and executive-level talent.

Recruiters not only want to place talent in the perfect position, but they have a financial incentive to match you with the right company. To find the right candidate, the headhunter or recruiter can earn up to 35 percent of your first year’s salary from the employer.

For specific companies that you want to work for, visit their website for information about their internal recruiting and human resources staff. On the other hand, you can find recruiter information on the major online job portals such as CareerBuilder, Monster or RecruiterNetwork. Once you’ve gathered the recruiters’ contact information, email or mail them a copy of your resume to them.

Build a Network of Contacts

Before you graduate from college, start building your network of college-related contacts. First, sign up with your college or university’s career center. This job center will have lists of current companies who are looking for recent graduates in your field of study.

Once you graduate, contact your college’s alumni or recruiting network. Ask if you can talk to recent graduates who have connections with your top five employers of choice. Make sure you attend your college’s alumni networking events to meet senior managers and corporate executives who are looking to hire former alumni.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to tell your hairdresser, barber and personal trainer that you are looking for work. People in the service industries have a wealth of contacts. These local small business owners may have contact numbers of people who are hiring and can help you set up informational interviews as well.

Apply for Internships

An internship is the best way to make contacts and get a job after college. While the pay is low and the work hours are long, you will get to impress hiring managers or senior staff and find out if your dream job is suitable for your skills and personality.

If you amaze your superiors as a rock star intern, you could be offered a full-time position once you graduate from college.

Take Classes

If you are a few years out of college and want to switch careers, invest in your education. While you work a full-time job, you can take a few online classes, enroll in a community college or learn a new trade at a career or technical school.

Once you’ve completed your new classes, you can update your resume with your new education and start applying for jobs in your new field.

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