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5 Benefits of a Career in Travel Nursing

Nursing is a calling that beckons many medical professionals from all over the world. To make a living while helping others is a dream job for many, and opportunities abound in this field. Travel nursing is a great option in the medical industry for those who seek excitement and unforgettable experiences in their work. Ignore the negative myths about travel nursing and consider the benefits of a career in this field.

  1. Endless Variety in Work
    One of the most attractive benefits of travel nursing is also the most obvious; traveling. As a travel nurse, you have the option of taking on assignments all over the country, getting to know places that you’d otherwise never see. You might explore big cities, work in small coastal towns or find work in the rural regions of middle America. Your possible assignments are as vast and varied as the landscape of your country. If variety and new experiences are attractive to you, travel nursing is a great career option.
  2. No Long Term Contracts
    As a traveling nurse, you will not find yourself tied down to any particular location or assignment for very long. Most travel nurse contracts are approximately 3 months in length, with an option to continue working in the same location on an extended assignment. Some travel nurses spend a year or more on a single assignment. However, because there are no long term contracts in this field, you’ll be able to pack up and move onto a new assignment after your term expires. Very few professions offer this level of freedom.
  3. Competitive Pay Rates
    Nursing professionals are certainly in high demand in today’s medical institutions; just ask any doctor. However, that does not mean that nurses are always paid very well. Travel nurses, on the other hand, receive competitive pay rates and are typically reimbursed for their traveling expenses. Pay rates vary depending on several factors, but travel nurses can often expect to make approximately 15 percent more than equally experienced permanent staff members. If you are flexible enough to take rush assignments and travel immediately, you can make even more.
  4. Choose Your Own Assignments
    When you work as a traveling nurse, no one tells you where you have to go. Your recruiter will offer you assignments based on your experience and desired location, and you will be able to choose from among a variety of possible nursing assignments. You might be presented with the opportunity to work under top specialists in your field, or you could choose your assignments based on the areas you’d like to visit as a tourist. This industry allows you flexibility in choosing your own path, something that you won’t find in most nursing positions.
  5. Build an Impressive CV
    Whether you studied to become a nurse practitioner online or earned your degree in lecture halls, working as a traveling nurse can do wonders to further build your resume. Employers like to see a candidate with ambition and varied experience, and a job as a traveling nurse puts you a cut above the rest. If career advancement is your goal, gaining experience as a travel nurse will do wonders for building your CV and showing employers that you can offer something truly unique.

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