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5 Benefits to Choosing a Career in Engineering

Engineering offers an engaging, rewarding and possibly lucrative career. Engineers are responsible for finding the solutions to many of society’s seemingly unsolvable quandaries, like traffic, sewage, city planning and developing more efficient machinery. If you have specialized training, or a graduate degree in science or math, having the opportunity to apply your practical knowledge can be incredibly intellectually stimulating. In this case, if you are looking for a career that you will enjoy, becoming an engineer might be perfect for you. There are also many positions available in a multitude of different fields and a broad range of applications. Here are 5 benefits to choosing a career in engineering.

  1. Engineering is incredibly challenging. For those of us that like to solve problems, becoming an engineer will allow you the opportunity to solve a wide array of technical problems. Most of the time, these will be real world dilemmas that if not solved will have real world implications. And most engineering positions need to be filled right away due the overwhelming amount of projects building up from clients in a multitude of sectors, big and small.
  2. Having a career in engineering is also an enjoyable, specialized career. Over 70% of Americans sat they are not happy at their jobs and wish they were doing something that they loved doing. For someone who can find some of these benefits ideal as their working conditions, engineering could offer you a life time of professional enjoyment as many of these jobs are long term – 40 to 50 years in some cases.
  3. Engineering will also benefit the community that you live in. If you want to do something great for society, then use your practical knowledge to solve some of its unsolvable problems. This can range from planning roads for better traffic, helping build underground tunnels for public transportation, and even collaborating in the design of high-rise buildings to accommodate better living conditions for citizens. If you are an engineer, you might even look at Torrington subdivision regulations so that you know where a construction company might be allowed, or not allowed, to build a structure.
  4. Engineering also offers excellent job and financial security. For people just starting out in the industry, especially those with higher levels of education, the base salary can be two to three times the average professional salary. Plus the medical and other fringe benefits can be great too. To find a job you love that also pays well is a rarity in today’s world.
  5. Engineers also get to exercise their intellectual abilities. Researchers say that people in a job that allows them to flex their mental faculties will help increase life expectancy, stave off Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. Whether its math, science, or you are especially creative, your engineering job will not only allow you to show off how smart you are, but your employer will most likely encourage it. More often than not, using your unique, intellectual abilities will be a part of the job requirement in any engineering position that you secure.

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