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5 Everyday Items that Can Improve Your Personal Marketability

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Life used to be a lot easier before you went and got a career. Aside from multiple attempts to attract members of the opposite sex, you really didn’t find much of a need to market yourself all that much. Your friends were your friends, regardless of whether your shoes were shined, your pants were pressed, or you had a lasagna stain on your tie. Furthermore, your family loved you just the way you were.




Things are different. The need to come across as a true professional in your field is of huge importance. With the job market in the dumps, he who consistently outperforms his peers is the one to who gets to keep their job when the layoffs rear their ugly head. More importantly, if you want any chance of advancement, you absolutely have to improve your personal marketability.


Luckily for you, there are 5 every day items that can help.


1. A Good Steam Iron


This is a very common item that is overlooked in the journey from being a bachelor to becoming a professional. Long gone are the days when your mother would iron your dress shirts or slacks for you before church or a funeral. Go without one for too long, and you’ll soon see why a good iron is paramount to your wrinkle-free success.


2. A Nice Set of Tweezers


Perhaps the most overlooked and ignored part of a man’s grooming is those nose hairs that always seem to grow relentlessly. You may not see them unless you look closely, but rest assured that others can see your ungroomed nose hairs fairly easily. Pluck them out. It will only hurt for a second.


3. Coffee


You may already use this one. However, you need to use it effectively. Coffee or other types to caffeine drinks can easily pull you through mid day fatigue. Most drink it in the morning, which helps if you’re not a morning person. Try drinking it in the afternoon and watch your productivity soar.


4. A Good Razor


This is yet another everyday item that is greatly overlooked with not much thought or effort put into it. A nice sharp razor is extremely important in making yourself a clean-shaven marketable guy. Art of Shaving razors are top notch performers in this area. They carry plenty of varieties to choose from. Pick one out, and stop using that same disposable razor for months on end. Taking good care of your face is important, and quality razors do just that.


5. A Personal Computer


The more you keep your ear to the street on current events that pertain to your profession, the more you knowledge you have. Knowledge is power, and when your superiors know that you have it, they’ll likely have more respect for you. Not to mention that you can easily whip up reports, check emails, fine-tune your resume, etc. from the comfort of your own home. Throw out that Commodore 64 and get up to speed with a newer model desktop computer.


You can do it!


Aside from the common sense advice on improving your personal marketability, these five things should give you a little boost in your efforts towards climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. Good luck!

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