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5 Great Careers in Health and Fitness

The heath and fitness sector is a high paying, recession proof industry and, best of all, you get to help people, which can make it an excellent career for those individuals who actually want to lend a hand to human kind, to fight against bad eating habits and the rising obesity epidemic. There are also a number of positions available in the health and fitness industry tailored just for your unique ambitions. Some of them you will be able to fit into your five-year plan and some of them you will have to spend just a few years longer in school to get your degree. Here are 5 great careers in health and fitness.

  1. One of the most in demand jobs is the position of nurse. The best part about becoming a nurse is that you don’t necessarily need to go to school for a long time – usually only a year or two to get the basics and your certification. They also say that in the next five years there will be over a half a million positions available so there isn’t much competition, which can make getting a job much easier. Yet, to be a nurse, you can’t be squeamish about blood and you need to be able to work very well with people from all walks of life.
  2. Another great job, one that combines both health and fitness, is that of a physical therapist. Usually if you’ve gotten into an accident, either minor or severe, but have lost some of your basic motor skills, a physical therapist will get you back on your feet again after a number of sessions. Most hospitals have at least one physical therapist on staff to help patients who have gone through traumatic injuries.
  3. You could also become a nutritionist. Most people around the world don’t get their basic daily requirements for vitamins and nutrients. Usually it takes a nutrition specialist to come in and help people if they are really bad off or if they are obese. They might recommend bariatric choice for those in extreme conditions or they will work with the patient to develop a set of goals and plan a daily menu so that they can get their eating habits back on a healthy track.
  4. Another great position is pharmacist. There are many drugstores in nearly every community so there is no shortage of jobs. You will get to work with a number of different remedies and drugs to cure and treat a multitude of physical illnesses, and even psychological illnesses, from asthma to depression.
  5. Lastly, if you want to work in a more fitness oriented field you can always become a personal trainer. You will usually be working in a gym or directly with clients to help them either weight train or cut down on fat. You will also collaborate with them to arrange meal plans that will be consistent with their work out routine. Many personal trainers can literally see a physical transformation over a short period of time and can change people’s lives for the better.

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