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5 Important Job Positions New Business Owners Tend to Underestimate

5 Important Job Positions New Business Owners Tend to UnderestimateAs an employer, you understand that your workforce is the lifeblood of your organization. Without your valued and skilled employees working to promote your company’s interests on a regular basis, your company would not function as it currently does. While you may find value in each of your employees for different reasons, the fact is that some job positions are overwhelmingly viewed as being less important to employers than others. However, these often overlooked positions are highly important to most organizations.

Sales Team

Sales jobs in UK are among the most overlooked jobs in terms of importance in an organization, but they are incredibly important for many companies. The fact is that the sales team at most companies is directly responsible for driving profits. These individuals are go-getters who often are tasked with finding leads and closing sales, and by doing so, they bolster profits for the company.

Administrative Team

In addition to the sales team that you can find through, another often overlooked position relates to administrative staff. These professionals may be responsible for all of those smaller and seemingly less important tasks like ordering office supplies, answering phones and more. While these tasks may require less skill than IT jobs or financial jobs, for example, the fact is that the services off the administrative team enable others to be more productive at their own positions.

Human Resources

Home resources positions are also vitally important to an organization. These professionals are tasked with the important role of finding quality employees who are right for the company, overcoming employee challenges and even promoting retention of quality employees. They ensure that quality staff is available to work for the company on a regular and consistent basis.

Janitorial Team

Smaller companies may outsource their janitorial or cleaning functions to a third party vendor, but larger companies may utilize an in-house janitorial team. These positions are often viewed as unskilled labor, but janitors and cleaning crew are tasked with maintaining a clean, inviting work environment. Others may judge your company on the appearance of your business space, so the effort of the janitorial team is highly important.

Marketing and Advertising Staff

Many companies have in-house marketing and advertising staff, and these employees are often seen as replaceable or not critical to the operations of the company. Their tasks can be outsourced, but there is often a benefit associated with using in-house staff who know and understand the company and who are dedicated to promoting the success of the company.


While these positions are often overlooked with regards to importance, each employee who works in these positions contributes in a positive and beneficial way.

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