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5 Jobs That Allow You to Travel

Everyone loves to travel, but what if you could make it your job? How great would it be to see the world and get paid for it? Luckily for you, there are a lot of jobs out there that allow you to travel. In your lifetime you’ll probably only have the time or money to visit a few foreign destinations, but if traveling is a part of your job description, you could be visiting distant and exotic locales every couple of months. Best of all, no matter what your interests are, there is probably a job that is just right for your interests and aspirations, that will give you the unique opportunity to travel the world multiple times over. Here are 5 jobs that allow you to travel.

  1. One of the best jobs – if you like politics – that allows you to travel, is that of a diplomat. A diplomat typically works for the government and travels to other countries to meet with foreign leaders to assuage political conflicts. In most cases you will work for a state government or a government agency to meet with the heads of states of first world and third world countries to discuss peace accords and treaties. During an average tenure as a diplomat you will probably visit every country on the globe.
  2. Another great job that will allow you to visit a number of foreign locations is that of travel writer. Whether you work for a magazine, newspaper or you write for your own blog, a travel writer visits different countries and writes about their adventures. In most cases, your travel, hotel and food expenses are all provided for.
  3. Next, a travel nurse is a great position that allows you to travel, because it is much less competitive and easier to land a job. A travel nurse might spend a few weeks or months in a specific country administering their services at hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities. As a travel nurse, not only are your housing needs taken care, but you also get great benefits and a possibly high salary, depending on where you secure a position.
  4. You could also become a teacher. If you are bilingual or multilingual, teaching can be a great opportunity to travel and help people learn a different language. For instance, if you have a good grasp of both English and Russian, you could go to Ukraine to teach ESL (English as a Second Language). You will most likely live and work in the capital of Ukraine and your Kiev accommodations will be totally covered by the school or agency you will be working for. You could do this in almost any country in the world if you wanted to.
  5. Lastly, another great way to travel as part of your job is to become a commercial pilot. This might be the most obvious job for people who love to travel, but becoming a pilot is a great way to make a high salary and have great benefits. However, the best part about flying a plane professionally is that you get to travel, free of charge, even on your days off, which makes becoming a pilot the ultimate career for fervent travelers.
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