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5 Meal Ideas For The Busy Professional

5 Meal Ideas For The Busy ProfessionalFor the busy professional, it can be difficult to find time making meals or eating healthy with a hectic schedule that allows a minimal amount of time for preparing meals. By taking advantage of quick and easy meals, it will make for convenient eating that avoids opting for fast food restaurants throughout the week.


1. Salads


By preparing salads for the week, it can be easy to mix and match different ingredients with kale, spinach, or a spring mix while adding almonds, bell peppers, and carrots. During the warmer months, add strawberries for a fresh summer mix, and add grilled chicken to top for a bit of protein. Using produce that is in season will reduce the cost.


2. Sandwiches


If kept in the refrigerator, sandwiches can stay fresh for a healthy meal that is easy to prepare quickly with plenty of variations available. Between grilled chicken spinach sandwich to veggie sandwiches that are rich in sprouts and cucumbers, it can be easy to take advantage of different ingredients for a quick and easy meal for the office.


3. Pasta


Cooked pasta stays fresh throughout the week and can be mixed with a variety of ingredients for a tasteful and filling lunch or dinner. Sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, feta cheese, and shredded chicken can be combined for a flavorful meal that is easy to eat and even easier to pack when on the go. Healthy versions of pasta that can be used include those high in fiber, whole-grain, or gluten-free.


4. Meal Replacement Shakes


Perhaps the easiest to prepare, meal replacement shakes not only provide a high amount of nutrients and vitamins, but work to slim the waistline for a great meal on the go that can be pre-made. Different flavors are available for variety throughout the week for an affordable product that promotes a healthy diet and can easily be packed in a purse or briefcase.


Different types of shakes and products are available on, making it easy to purchase a large supply you can have shipped to your door.


5. Chilled Soup


By combining a bit of broth, spices, vegetables, and shredded meat, making a large batch of soup is convenient and can even be put in the freezer for later use. Soup can be transported in secure plastic containers while at work, and makes for a delicious meal during the summer when it doesn’t need to be heated.

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