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5 Steps To Hosting A Successful Company Party

5 Steps To Hosting A Successful Company PartyHosting a company party is an intimidating but exciting event. Company parties reflect on the company, and it’s important to make sure things are just so and go smoothly. A good party is perfect for socializing and talking about business. A company party should be the perfect balance of professionalism and fun. Here are five steps to hosting a successful company party.


Start With The Basics


You need to decide on a theme for the party. It doesn’t need to be anything silly or fun, but even a simple theme will work wonders for organizing the party. You can do a specific color scheme, a fun theme or even make it formal. Deciding on these factors are the most important part of hosting a company party with success.


Send Out Invites


Invites via your work email system is simple and easy, but you want your co-workers to feel a little special. Real invitations are always recommended. They don’t need to be overly fancy. Professional invites that match the theme of the party will surely go over well.


Pick A Place


Location is everything. You could host it at your office, but that isn’t nearly as fun or exciting. Choose a location that matches your theme. This is why it’s important to choose a theme first. A great bar, a pub, club or restaurant can all be prime locations for company parties. Theaters, convention centers and other locations can work well for company parties too. Location depends on where and when you are hosting the party.


Hire A Caterer


Catering is the easiest way to get delicious food for everyone at the party. The food and drinks should cover a variety, but there shouldn’t be too many options. Columbus catering companies can help you get your party catered the way you want it to be done for the best food and fun. Catered food takes a lot of pressure off the host, and it makes the party easier for everyone involved in setting things up.


Make Sure People Mingle


Don’t allow for too many chairs to be in the vicinity. You want people to sit down to eat, but too much sitting leads to social avoidance. You want your guests to mingle and talk, and getting them moving is one way to do it. You may want to have a game or two that is company friendly to start conversations. This will encourage connections and communication between your guests.

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