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5 Steps To Preventing Employee Theft In The Workplace

5 Steps for Preventing Employee Theft In The WorkplaceEmployee theft is something that no business owner wants to deal with. However, there are employees who want to take advantage of your good nature or inattention to detail. Here are five steps that business owners can take to ensure that employee theft is reduced or eliminated completely.

1) Train Employees Well From The Beginning

A young employee who is working his or her first job may not think that taking an extra drink or a snack from the shelf is a big deal. By offering a comprehensive training program when employees first start, you make that person think twice about taking actions that could cost the company money.

2) Have A Security System In Place

A home security company may offer surveillance tools that can keep employees honest at all times. A camera in the break room or by the cash registers will ensure that employees are being watched in all areas where theft may occur. It also offers proof that that an employee is stealing.

3) Go Over The Numbers Each Day

Experts at LifeShield in San Diego suggest that each time a till is brought in, have it counted to ensure that no money is missing. While it is common for a few cents or a few dollars to be missing due to cashier error, always follow up with an employee if a till is short or if there is money missing from anywhere else that it should be.

4) Have A Whistleblower System In Place

You can’t be everywhere at once. Even with the best security system and constant oversight of your money, there may be employees who are able to slip through the cracks. Encouraging other employees to come forward ensures that you never have to worry about dishonest people getting away with theft. Additionally, it makes everyone feel like they are part of the team.

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5) Take Action

Knowing that an employee is stealing doesn’t help if you don’t take action against that employee. Never play favorites when it comes to enforcing an anti-theft policy. Regardless of who the employee is, you have to take action to ensure that no one thinks that it is alright to steal your money.

Employee theft is an unfortunate event that occurs in every business. Although most employees are honest, you have to be vigilant to stop those who don’t care where they get their money. If you follow these steps, you will always be one step ahead of anyone who wants to take your money.

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