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5 Sure Ways to Nail Your Next Sales and Marketing Interview

If you are looking for a job in sales or marketing, you will want to showcase your most relevant skills during the interview. Meeting with a prospective employer provides the opportunity to “sell” your sales and marketing skills through the way you present yourself. Here are 5 important ways to give a persuasive job interview.

1. Look your professional best

Visit the company’s website in advance and look for employee photos to determine the dress code: business professional, business casual, or casual. Follow the dress code when preparing for the interview. Remember to check hair, face, and hands beforehand, as these are three important features of the overall image. Keep jewelry and accessories minimal, and for female applicants, don’t overdo cosmetics and perfume.

2. Bring killer credentials

Although you probably submitted a resume and application before the interview, bring a portfolio of references or work samples. Sales materials may include scripts and product descriptions, while marketing could involve advertising and promotional campaigns from a previous position, such as a Utah marketing firm. Make sure your materials are organized and accessible if asked to share them, or provide the interviewer with a link to your personal website where your vita is posted. Try using a QR code on your business card and resume that links to your website to get yourself noticed.

3. Line up your references

If you have not already confirmed reference availability for this job position, check with them to be sure they are still able and willing to be contacted by phone or email for a reference check. Have their names, addresses, job titles, and contact information arranged on a form you can leave with the company, unless you’ve already included it as part of your resume.

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4. Practice for the interview

Prepare answers for commonly-asked interview questions like these: What is your greatest marketing strength and weakness? What do you like best about sales or marketing, and why did you choose this career field? What are some high points from your job experience so far? What is one of the hardest aspects of sales or marketing work? Where do you see yourself in five years? What could you bring to our company if hired for this job?

5. Watch your body language

A firm handshake is always welcome. Sit up straight; don’t slouch or lean to the side. Make eye contact with the interviewer, but don’t overdo it. Smile occasionally.

Interviewing for sales or marketing jobs gives you the opportunity to convincingly demonstrate your value as a prospective employee. Use this sales opportunity wisely.

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