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5 Tips for Becoming a Travel Writer

In the annals of great literature and journalism there have been some classic depictions of fun and adventure in the great outdoors. As a travel writer you have a unique opportunity to travel the world penning tales about your journeys and explorations. By train, plane, automobile – and maybe even a helicopter or two – you will have a romanticized life that most people can only dream of. Besides all the fantasizing, though, there is work to be done – as a travel writer you will have a lot of assignments to turn in. Perhaps one day you will publish a book of your travel diaries. Here are 5 tips for becoming a travel writer.

  1. Read everything you can get your hands on. Some of the greatest writers in history have had their close circle of inspirations and influences. These influences included contemporaries and authors from past generations. To be a truly great writer you need to devour the written word like it’s your last meal. Reading will allow you to not only get inspired, but also to develop your own unique voice, which is important if you want your work to be set apart from the rest.
  2. Write in all formats. To become a great travel writer you have to be prepared to utilize many different genres and platforms. For instance, you might be lending your hand to guidebooks, newspaper editorials, blog posts and any other widely read format. So it might be wise to stay current with all the latest technology if you want to become a successful travel writer. The key to travel writing and securing longevity in the field, is to always stay in demand – staying current is one way to do this.
  3. Start your own blog. One of the best ways to show off your skills is to start your own blog. If you want to start writing for the best newspapers and magazines – and let’s face it get assignments all over the world – it is recommended to have your own forum to showcase your work. That way, instead of sending your manuscripts to editors, you can simply send a link. Just make your blog articles easy to read and always check for spelling and grammatical errors. Hire a copy editor if you must.
  4. Travel the world – or at least travel a lot. If you are not on assignment it might be hard to afford traveling on your own dime, but at least getting out there as much as possible is incredibly important. You could take a safari in Africa and stay in a Masai hut or you can enjoy nature in all its glory at the Beavers Bend cabins in Oklahoma. No matter what you do, build as much experience as you can.
  5. Avoid using cliched language. When you are describing the beauty and the magic of a particular travel destination, don’t use words like “beauty” and “magic,” because they have been used over and over again. Try to use different, more unique words, like “splendiferous” and “phantasmagorical.” While you aren’t composing a symphony, you do want to capture a reader’s attention.

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