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5 Tips for Casual but Professional Style in a Laid Back Work Environment


The office wardrobe doesn’t have to be stiff. In the world of clothing, there are many comfortable options that don’t break the office dress code. With a little searching it is easy to find casual work apparel with some flare. Try these tips for an office wardrobe that looks classy: no suit required.


Better Basics


Splurge on quality basics that can layer easily. Things like colored long sleeve and button down shirts can be used in nearly every outfit, so make sure they are built to last. The shirts shouldn’t look tacky or cheap, either. Great quality shirts are easy to find all over the internet. Make sure the brand is of high caliber before placing that order. To start the better basics search, try


Best Fit


The key to dressing casually in the office is getting the right fit. Baggy pants and an over-sized button down look unprofessional as well as unflattering. For a laid back style that reads as professional attire, make sure everything fits. If necessary, have clothing tailored for the best look. Pants shouldn’t be too large around the ankles, just like shirts shouldn’t reach past the wrists. A tailor can fix these problems to make an okay outfit look amazing. Check malls or specialty stores for a skilled tailor to take your wardrobe to the next level.



What To Wear:





A well-fitted cardigan is great for topping off the casual office trend. Grab a v neck that will show some of the buttoned shirt from underneath for the sophisticated yet comfortable layered look. Buying a few cardigans increases wardrobe options exponentially without spending a fortune.




The right sweater provides comfort and warmth while retaining professionalism. Buy solid colored sweaters without crazy patterns to layer on top of a button down shirt. Make sure the sweater is fitted well to the body; save the baggy, over-sized sweaters for lounging at home.




All it takes is one pair of dress shoes to add class to an entire outfit. Make sure they are well maintained, which means a nice shine and no scuffs. Sneakers and sandals are comfortable, but not appropriate for most work places. A good pair of dress shoes or boots can be found online or at many local department stores.



Finding the right outfit will demonstrate professionalism without having to don a suit jacket. Keep these tips in mind when looking for casual work attire and the next wardrobe is sure to wow.


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