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5 Tips for Helping New Employees Adjust

EmployeesEveryone has been “new” at some point in their lives. There’s a bit of a scary feeling when you are in a different work environment with people that you don’t know. Because we’ve all felt this at one time or another, it’s important to be sympathetic to those that are new in your company. Making them feel welcome and as a part of the team right away can do a lot to helping ease their adjustment period. This will then help them to be effective in their role more quickly. Here are five tips for accomplishing this goal:

Provide Welcome Materials

When the new employee first arrives, present them with a helpful assortment of orientation items. You can include necessary materials like a new employee handbook, a company contact directory, parking pass, etc. To make the employee feel more welcome, include a few treats and a card welcoming them. You might even include a gift certificate or coupon to a favorite restaurant in the area that your employees often visit for lunch. These little touches make your new recruit feel special and like they are truly appreciated as a team member.

New Employee Mixer

Depending upon the size of your business and how often new employees come into the mix, having a social gathering designed to welcome new people is a good way to help them adjust faster. Arranging for the gathering after work hours in an informal setting will help encourage the new employees to freely compare notes and tips about the company. Invite key long-time employees to attend as well to aid with more full integration.

Human Resources Follow-up

Having someone that handles human resources in your office follow-up with employees to check on how they are doing with any necessary paperwork is a good idea. Especially before the first payroll checks go out to new employees, touching base to ensure that everything is in order is a definite help. It will also reassure your employee that the company is truly interested in their welfare.

Assign a Mentor

Teaming the new employee with someone that knows the ropes and has been around for a while helps keep the new person from feeling overwhelmed. Making certain that they know there is someone that is there to answer questions and make them feel more comfortable can go a long way. Be sure you choose the mentor carefully for each new recruit. Try to match interests and personalities to encourage a real friendship of trust to grow.

Take the New Employee to Lunch

Large operations may want to go in groups, but if a boss or someone in management takes the initiative to invite a new employee or group of new employees to lunch, it speaks volumes. This provides a personal connection from the boss to the employees and gives an atmosphere where questions can be asked in a more relaxed environment.

While there are many different ways to help new employees adjust to a new job, these five are suggestions that will speed the process along. The goal certainly should be to help them feel at home as soon as possible. With comfort and adjustment comes trust, respect, and loyalty. These are valuable qualities in any workplace and will help the employee to thrive in their new position most quickly.

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