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5 Tips You Should Follow To Land Your Next Job Interview

Landing an interview can be difficult even when the job outlook is favorable. Getting an advantage over the competition can be done when the applicant is equipped with the right information. This is why so many human resources professionals are sharing invaluable tips and recommendations for those who need the help.

Here are 5 tips you should follow to land your next job interview.#1. Send an award-winning resume

Sending an award-winning resume is one of the essential keys to landing an interview. This part of the selection process should not be taken lightly since the resume is the only contact that most applicants will have with the person that is doing the hiring. Therefore, the resume should be a brief snap shot of the individual’s accomplishments, experience, education and skills. One of the biggest tricks in creating this type of resume is making sure the snap shot of the individual looks outstanding and most of all memorable. The applicant should seek to match their background with the job’s requirements.

#2. Delivering the Resume in Person – Adhere to Interview Grooming Tips

Even though there are a large number of job postings online, some companies will still accept onsite walk-in applications. Therefore, some applicants will have an opportunity to meet the recruiter or hiring manager face-to-face. So, it is important for each applicant to have the proper grooming. Adhering to interview grooming tips is appropriate since they address a diversity of things including facial hair, hygiene, and specific types of interview clothing. For instance, men should make sure that they are following The Art of Shaving pre shave recommendations if they want to be considered for the job position.

#3. Be a Proactive Candidate

Some people send multiple online resumes in the hopes of getting an interview. As a general practice, most applicants wait to be contacted via email or by phone. Even though this may be a standard practice for many, candidates who want to increase their chances of landing the interview will go the extra mile. These are the people that take the extra steps by contacting the recruiter before and after they submit their resume for the position.

This strategy normally involves contacting the recruiter to express their interest in the job position. While being particularly brief, the candidate will also provide the recruiter with a little information that says how their talents can fit company’s needs. When done correctly, the recruiter will not only remember the person’s name, but they can also flag their name as a potential candidate for a job interview.

#4. Don’t forget to include a Cover letter

Some applicants do not like to submit job applications because they may not be familiar with how the application process works. So, when they have to submit an application for a job, they may stop at sending a resume only. While this may appear to be acceptable, some recruiters will eliminate these applicants from the job candidate selection pool.

So, unless otherwise instructed, the applicant should always submit a cover letter with their resume. Sending a cover letter is also a great way to personalize the application with a special interest in the job position.

#5. Be Prepared With an Elevator Pitch

In some cases, the recruiter may decide to do a phone interview prior to contacting the applicant for an onsite meeting with the hiring manager. Therefore, it is also important for the applicant to prepare an elevator pitch about their specific qualifications before they receive the call. The focus of the pitch should be based on what the applicant can offer the employer if they are hired into the position.

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