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5 Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Work Environment

5 Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Work Environment Pests in the workplace can cause a number of problems. They can destroy important documents, cause health problems for workers and damage the building.

Preventing infestations in the workplace is difficult because so many people and items move through the space every day. Fortunately, there are five ways to keep pests out of the work environment.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The workplace should be cleaned every day and kept in good condition. A workplace that needs repairs often has cracks in the walls or gaps around windows that will allow pests like ants or termites to enter.

A workplace with filled trash bins, piles of boxes and an unkempt lunchroom will attract pests because food is freely available. Cleaning and scheduling regular repairs will deter pests.

Schedule Pest Control Regularly

The workplace is more vulnerable to pest problems than the home. It is important to schedule regular visits from pest control professionals. Companies like Bugman Pest Control in Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico can use a variety of tools to detect whether pests are in the building or whether they could potentially find a way inside. Pest control specialists can install preventative traps to stop infestations and eliminate any colonies already in the building.

Create Pest-Control Policies

Businesses should create policies for employees that will help to keep pests out of the workplace. These policies should include limiting where food is allowed and providing some time every week for employees to clean personal work areas. Employees should be made aware that small actions like leaving exterior doors open could result in pest infestations. The policies should be printed and hung in important areas like loading docks or lunchrooms. Creating a good policy is an effective way to keep pests out of the building.

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Keep Bags, Coats and Packages in a Separate Area

Pests like ants, bedbugs and roaches can enter the workplace through coats, bags or packages. It is helpful to create an area near the entrance that is separated from the main work environments just to hold these items. This provides a buffer zone between the workplace and the storage area that can prevent many types of infestations.

Eliminate Leaks and Standing Water

Another reason pests will enter the workplace is because there is water available. Moisture is a major problem in dry climates where there is little water outside. Leaking pipes and bathroom fixtures should be repaired quickly. Standing water in buckets or sinks should be drained when not in use. Plants should not be over-watered. This will help to keep the workplace free of pests.

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