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7 Savvy Ways to be Thrifty at Work Without Looking Like a Cheapskate

7 Savvy Ways to be Thrifty at Work Without Looking like a CheapskateNobody enjoys looking like a cheapskate, especially in front of co-workers. However, in today’s world it’s a good idea to save as much money as possible. By everyone working together to keep expenses down, they will discover how to be thrifty at work without looking like a cheapskate.

One of the best ways to be thrifty involves food. Going out everyday for lunch can add up in a hurry, so a great way to have good meals is to start a potluck lunch group. In doing this, everyone can sign up to prepare a meal for the office one day per week. The advantage to this is that the other four days of the week, you eat free! The meal can often be something cheap such as burgers and hot dogs or homemade soup and salad. In addition to a great meal, it brings people together who may otherwise never get to talk to one another.

Using group coupons for trips to restaurants, amusement parks, ballgames and more can be a great way to save money. Some coupons offer savings of 50-75% for large groups, so having everyone chip in a couple of dollars will allow for a fun outing together. Starting a used clothing exchange with co-workers is a great way to save money on an item that can get rather expensive. People can exchange both adult and children’s clothing, helping each other save money while getting some new clothes for themselves and their kids.

According to Power Finance, specialists in cash advance in Arlington TX, starting a spare change saving campaign can also build morale while saving money. Having a jar around that everyone puts in a nickel or dime each time they do something undesirable such as curse or are late to work can quickly add up. When it gets full, taking the money for an office pizza party will let everyone benefit from other’s mistakes. Buying office supplies such as coffee and paper in bulk will help save money by taking a trip to the local warehouse store and enjoying its discounts. Otherwise, it may mean getting a cash advance Arlington TX residents would get by visiting Power Finance in order to afford these items.

Other ways to save money include starting a carpooling club with others to help defray gas costs while helping the environment, and reading online versions of magazines and newspapers instead of having subscriptions. By using some imagination and innovation, it’s possible to be thrifty without looking like a cheapskate at the office.

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