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Anatomy Of The Worlds Top Performing CEOs

Domo has released a new infographic that talks about the Anatomy Of The Worlds Top Performing CEOs. The study was conducted by Harvard Business school and it is based off of the 100 best performing CEOs of all time. Some of the CEOs included on this are Jeff Bezos, Meg Whitman and Steve Jobs, who is the only person out of the 100 to not graduate from College.

There are some pretty interesting facts about CEOs for example, 29% of the CEOs graduated from school with an MBA Degree and 99% graduated with a bachelors. 62% of them were educated outside of the U.S and 9% of them came from Brazil. If your looking to get promoted within the company you work for your in luck, 79% of all CEOs were promoted within the company. There is plenty more to see and read about this cool infographic.



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