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Building Business Partnerships with Simple Gift Giving

HandshakeBusiness partners exist in a person’s life for a reason. They are there to be a counsel and guide, help you form business plans and give you a second opinion. Even though the holidays are over, it’s never too late to give the business partners in your office a little something to give him or her due recognition for all of their hard work and effort. Choosing a gift for a business partner can be difficult; however, the suggestions below should make the choice much easier.

Gifts for him

•Cuff links
All men can use an extra pair of cuff links. Choosing to give the business partner a pair of cuff links is an excellent way to show gratitude to him. At the same time, you are also allowing him to continue to work with you and represent you in style. Be sure that the cuff links come from a reputable company. Choosing high end department stores will ensure that the business partner gets quality with his gift.

•Laptop briefcase
A leather laptop briefcase is great for the business partner to keep all of his work organized and secure his laptop computer at the same time. Be sure that the briefcase is a leather briefcase and not an imitation type of leather. When selecting the briefcase, be sure that it contains organizing elements for other things the business partner may carry. This should include organization holders for cell phone, pens, and business cards.

Gifts for her

•Gift basket
Choosing to send a gourmet gift basket filled with things the business partner can use is a great way to show your appreciation for her. While you can put whatever you think she may desire in the gift basket, be sure to add a very fine wine. If the business partner is also a friend, adding candy into her basket will be an excellent idea as well.

•Business Card Holder
A personalized business card holder will add a touch of elegance to your business partner’s desk. By personalizing the holder, you can design it to fit your business partner’s unique style. As clients come into your business partner’s office, they will be able to notice the stylish and elegant card holder that sits on her desk. Furthermore, this card holder is under $15, making it an ideal gift for your business partner.

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