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3 Reasons Your Business Should Use Excel

Excel is one of the most versatile software packages in the world. Millions of business owners use it every single day, and that should tell you something about the advantages of the program. For anyone who doesn’t use Excel at the moment, this article will offer an insight into three of the ways your company could use the software.


By far the most common use of Excel is accounting. It’s easy to create financial spreadsheets and input formulas that will take all the hard work out of your calculations. You can even use Excel to make predictions about the state of your bank accounts in a year’s time.

Information presentation

Sometimes all business owners will want to present information in a way their colleagues or investors can understand. Excel is the best tool on the market for that. That is especially the case if you use information from the software as part of your PowerPoint presentations at meetings, etc.

Graph / visual creation

Excel offers users lots of excellent tools when it comes to creating graphs and visuals. You can select any data set and turn it into something people can grasp with a single glance. Not only does that help entrepreneurs to save time, but it also makes it easier for them to hammer their points home.

Now you know about the three top reasons you should use Excel; nothing should hold your operation back. Just get hold of a copy as soon as possible and try it out for yourself. People who’ve never used Excel before will need some guidance. However, there are thousands of articles and instructional videos available online.

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