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4 Direct Mail Marketing Tricks That Still Work

4 Direct Mail Marketing Tricks That Still WorkMany entrepreneurs are under the assumption that direct mail marketing is outdated, but some direct mail tactics will never die. With so many different traditional and more modern digital marketing tactics to choose from, it’s easy to shift your focus from designing mailers to designing a website. What you must know is that a majority of businesses are focusing on digital marketing, and this reduces the competition in the mailbox. While most of society uses the Internet to some degree, virtually everyone still opens and reads their mail. If you’re looking for a way to connect with a target audience and you have a direct mail marketing list of qualified prospects, here are 4 tricks that have worked for decades and still work today.


4: Sending Follow-ups For Customer Retention


It costs a lot more to gain a customer than it does to persuade a customer to do repeat business with you. If you’ve satisfied or impressed a customer enough, they are much more likely to patronize your business than someone who’s never visited your store or office. One effective direct mail tactic that works and earns an ROI is a follow-up piece. After a customer has purchased a product or paid for a service, send them a followup to keep your brand in their mind. Design a marketing piece that thanks the customer for their business and even ask for them to complete a survey to receive a discount on their next purchase. You can retain your customers and get valuable feedback in the process.


3: Sending Birthday Cards


Customers love it when you make everything about them. If you have a list of customers and prospects that includes their birthday, take advantage of a monthly opportunity to send out happy birthday direct mail pieces. If you sell a product, offer a discount. If you sell food, offer a free dessert. If you’re in the service industry, consider giving the birthday girl or boy a free promotional gift. This is a great way to build trust with a local audience.


2: Sending Reminder Postcards


If you’re in the service industry, it’s very common to have to remind your clients that they need to come in. One great example is the dental sector. Patients need regular cleanings but it’s easy to forget to schedule an appointment. By sending reminder postcards, you can remind clients that it’s time to be seen. This is a convenience and a marketing tactic all at the same time. For high-quality reminder postcards, take a look at the dental marketing pieces offered by 123 postcards.


1: Invite the Public to an Event


The most effective marketing tactics are those that can be integrated with other tactics. Consider holding an event in your store for the public, and use direct mail to market this event. You can serve snacks and drinks, have a seminar, or hold a workshop. Just make sure you stress the value and you can use mail pieces to improve your turn out by making followup calls.


Online marketing is a great way to build a presence on the web, but don’t forget how important it is to include offline strategies in your initiatives. These direct mail tactics are effective and affordable. Balance your approach by integrating marketing tactics, and you’ll see a better outcome than you ever expected.

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