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A Checklist for Setting Up a Small Business Office

If you’ve decided to give entrepreneurship a go, it’s time to set up your small business office. However, there’s much more to it than throwing in a couple of desks and calling it a day. Setting up your office takes both time and effort and it’s important you get it right from the day one. And to help you do this, we’ve created a checklist for setting up a small business office.

Choose your office space

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re moving the business out of your garage, you’ll have to make sure you choose the right office space for your business. As your business is still in its early days, you’ll need to search for something you can afford. Just remember to add energy bill and maintenance costs into the equation when trying to figure out whether you can afford the office space you like. It’s also a good idea to do a little background before you start renting an office space. By this, we mean checking which company used it before and how things played out for them. We also recommend checking what other businesses operate nearby and are they in the line with your industry.

Find the right furniture

Furniture is an important part of every office. Therefore, the next thing you’ll have to do is find comfy and nice-looking furniture for your office. Firstly, you’ll need to get chairs for you and your employees. Ergonomic chairs are always going to be your safest bet since they cause no back pain which can sometimes become a real issue. You’re also going to need comfy sofas your clients will be able to sit on before your meetings. When it comes to the size of your furniture, it’s recommended that you scale it with the size of your office. When choosing colors for your office furniture, try to go for something vibrant that brings enthusiasm.

Set up the internet

There’s no need to say that no modern-day business can survive without internet. After all, that’s where you’re going to promote your products or services and communicate with your customers. That said, you’ll have to make sure you find a high-speed internet provider nearby. Of course, there’s no need to make any rash decisions. Take a closer look at every deal you can get and figure out what works the best for your business. For most small businesses, an internet connection with at least 15 Mbps download and 5Mbps upload is guaranteed to do the trick. However, if your business starts growing fast, you might want to think about making the connection better. That’s where you’ll want to aim at 50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload.

Choose the right lighting options

Another thing you’ll have to do when setting up your small business office is choose the right lighting solutions for it. Chances are you and your employees will be working in the evening and having quality lighting in your office can have a huge effect on your level of productivity. So, besides letting in enough natural light, you should also install a few extra lighting options inside the office. This is where most Australian companies decide to call in an expert to install new lighting fixtures. If you decide to do the same, and you’re looking for a good Sydney electrician to turn to, you shouldn’t have trouble finding local experts who can help you out.

Get your office equipment

Of course, you’re going to need office equipment in order for your small business to be able to operate. First of all, this means you’ll need to get all the equipment needed for your core operations. You’ll also have to get a PC for each of your employees. If they do most of their work on a computer, you’ll probably want to opt for laptops they can take home. No matter what kind of business you’re running, getting one of those all-in-one units that can scan, copy and print can be a real lifesaver. Also, even almost all communication is now done over the web, getting phones for your office is an absolute must.

Do all the things we’ve mentioned above and you should be able to set up the perfect office for your small business. Just make sure you maintain it regularly and keep it clutter free in order to make sure you and your employees are as productive as possible.

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