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Are Your Employees Safe From Cyber Crime?

It’s no secret that businesses are easy targets for cyber crime of any kind. In a recent Investigations Report earlier this year, researchers found that 58% of cyber attack victims were small businesses. This includes companies with 250 and fewer employees. Do you know the necessary steps to make sure your employees are educated on what to do in the case that a cyber crime takes place? Does your company take precautions to protect your employees and private company information? Here are some tips to help get you started:

Download protective software:

There are several ways to protect company devices from cyber harm. This includes antivirus software, which protects and defends devices against viruses and malware. Malware, spyware, ransomware, and phishing are all examples of potential threats that can take down devices. Spend quality time picking out the right software for your company, its devices, and employee size. Factor in company growth, remote employees, and what kind of data your company is holding on its devices. Make sure the software has multiple layers of defense to block any and all threats.

If your company deals with a lot of sensitive and personal information, you should definitely look into identity theft protection. Identity theft is when criminals steal your private information in order to open banking accounts, gain money, buy property, or even file fake tax returns. With companies everywhere holding personal details of clients and employees, they have become strong targets for this kind of cyber theft.

Establish employee training:

Organize training sessions for all employees to teach them cyber security best practices and how to stay prepared. Establish a point person (someone in the IT/tech department) who can assist with any cyber-related questions or concerns. This person should be available to all employees during the working hours of each day. Not only will this alleviate stress for employees, but will make sure any cyber threats are resolved and inspected at the moment they are reported.

Duplicate this training for any new-hires at the company and provide sessions once a year for all employees to attend. This is especially important if any software, passwords, or new technology is in place. All employees should be educated and up to date at all times on your IT processes.

Protect your data:

While working on company-owned devices, it’s important to stay cautious of who can see your data and private company information. This especially applies to business travelers and remote employees. Do you know how to make sure your data isn’t being viewed by others? Installing a VPN is one of the best ways to ensure your public Internet connection is made private by masking your IP address from others who are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Think about some of your c-suite level employees who are holding some of your company’s most sensitive and confidential information; the last thing you need is some of that information landing in the wrong hands.

On a more basic level, be mindful of company devices that you are using outside of the office. Buy a protective case to prevent any damage and never leave your device unattended in a public area. Theft is very common among digital devices as they hold a lot of financial value – not to mention private information that could benefit a cyber criminal.

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