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Business 101: How to Guarantee Your Customers the Very Best Delivery Service

The increasing dominance of the online retail sector has had a massive impact on businesses big and small. It is no longer enough to have only a bricks and mortar premises; now, you have to have a strong internet presence and a delivery service to match it.

This is not always easy to provide. Choosing a courier can be something of a minefield, and refining the process until it is up to the standard that modern-day consumers expect is certainly a challenge.

To help you out, we’ve created this brief guide complete with handy tips and tricks for you to try… 

1: Be Prepared 

Guaranteeing your customers quick delivery is not the sole responsibility of the carrier you choose to use: it is also influenced by the part you play in the process. The faster you can have your parcels packed up and ready to go following an order, the sooner they can be on their way, which is why we suggest having boxes, bubble wrap, sellotape, scissors, and so on to hand at all times. If you wish to compete with the biggest businesses, products should also be posted on the very same day that orders are placed. 

2: Weigh Cost Against Quality 

Your customers expect two things from the delivery process – fair prices and a speedy turnaround – but it is often the case that the two are mutually exclusive. Often, but not always. It is your job to do your research as fully as possible before selecting a courier, balancing up the cost of using them against the quality and speed of the service they’ll deliver. As far as you can, you must seek to use a company that offers both, although the latter should always be given slight priority over the former. 

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3: Build a Relationship You Can Rely On 

In order to deliver a quick and efficient service, you don’t want to be choosing a new courier every time that you have a parcel to deliver, so seek to build a strong business relationship with a company like Whistl. Experts in their field, such enterprises not only offer a high quality service to help you impress your customers, but one collection, one invoice, and one relationship, making the whole supply chain far more efficient, and better for both you and your clients.

Improve your customer service today: follow our top tips and tricks and guarantee your buyers the very best delivery experience.

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