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Does The World Need More Entrepreneur’s?

Three easy ways to lower pollutionEntrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the world’s economy. These innovative and forward thinking individuals create businesses that employ people across the globe. These companies introduce new ideas into the marketplace, driving technology and creating new trends. Plenty of entrepreneur advice you get started on your business adventure. The world needs more entrepreneurs that contribute to the world of innovation and improve life for all who use their products.

An Education in Entrepreneurship
The new trend in business school has been to offer courses in entrepreneurship to aspiring business owners. These schools have recognized the need for more entrepreneurs in all fields, from technology to service industries and beyond. Start up incubators thrust forward thinkers into a world of fast-paced learning, giving them education that no classroom can match. These learning environments encourage the sharing of ideas and resources and ultimately lead to new companies and products.

Many elementary and high schools are introducing new curricula that encourages students to explore small business and entrepreneurship. Organizations like Junior Achievement teach teenagers the ins and outs of running small businesses, encourage them to develop business plans and help them launch their own companies.

The Entrepreneur as an Employer
Small businesses make up the largest group of employers in the United States and their reach extends across the globe. These companies consistently employ full-time staff, freelancers and independent contractors. They drive the economy, pumping dollars back into the communities they serve. Small businesses in the United States have grown as a result of the “Great Recession,” creating new jobs every year.

Entrepreneurial capitalism has been regarded as the savior to the jobs crisis as economists predict that self-employment will solve the unemployment issue. Although some that strike out on their own will continue to operate one-man firms, others will grow their independent businesses into full-fledged operations. With this growth comes the need for more jobs; a definite boom to a struggling economy.

In addition, the accessibility of the Internet has opened up opportunities for previously disenfranchised populations to enjoy profit from self-employment. Seniors, low income and disabled individuals have all found opportunities to become entrepreneurs with the help of the Web. Now a retiree can run an auction site business and a wheelchair bound person can run a document creation company from their home office.

The world needs more entrepreneurs. With industries like banking and the auto industry suffering massive losses, it is the small business sector that will be providing the jobs that drive the new economy. Through entrepreneurship, everyone will enjoy better products, more innovation and greater growth.

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