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Finding Fitting Talent for Your Company

In the world of internships and hiring, there are many, many choices to be made. When a company wishes to fill entry level positions or find participants for an internship program, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The number of prospective applicants is huge, and is growing daily. This means that companies who wish to find talented individuals with the drive, commitment, and relevant set of skills they need to succeed, must turn to non-conventional means of finding their employees. This is especially true for companies that have openings for creative, design-based internships or marketing internships. These fields of study have become flooded with many talented individuals. This means that with the right tools, your company can gain access to the “cream of the crop” and fill these positions with the best possible candidates. The first step is knowing where to look.

Simplifying the Process

In order to streamline your search for talent, you must find a place to seek the best in the business. One of the most powerful tools that has helped companies find the right kind of people for their business, is an online profile platform. There are a few such websites that exist in order to provide a mutual benefit between employers and applicants. This means that when you search for talent on these platforms, you can immediately view candidates that are qualified, have relevant work experience, and are ready to learn and grow with your company. By gaining access to such talent, you will be bypassing the usual drudgery of sifting through piles of applications.

Another advantage of such profile platforms is the number of students and skilled individuals who participate. Thousands of qualified talents from around the world use such websites in order to find employers and internships. While this factor may seem like it would lead to the same old problem of too many applicants and not enough time, it actually can make the whole process much simpler. By using these platforms, you can instantly search out the most qualified candidates with a few keystrokes. Having many participants on these sites means that you will be able to find the top talent for your industry. Students can showcase their experience, degree of schooling, and past work in order to give you a better idea of their skill level. A degree only says so much about a person. With these websites you gain a more three-dimensional view of the way a person works and grows.

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Most employers know that finding the right fit for a position is more complex than the level of skill or schooling a person possesses. Having a personality and character that is fitting for your company is also key in finding a long lasting employee who will be of benefit to your organization. These platforms can provide employers with such insights. You can gain a better idea of the way a person acts and reacts by viewing their online profile. Meaning that employers can go beyond an application and really get to know their prospective interns and employees before even posting for a position. This way, you can avoid a good deal of stress that can come with sorting through applications.

Ella Gray is a former administrator for a college career center, and now a happy home maker.  Please feel free to email her with any questions at

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