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How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

From promoting your brand in an affordable way to leaving a lasting impression about your brand, the benefits of having a unique business card cannot be overemphasized. One of the most important parts of a business is networking, which is a socioeconomic business activity where you meet new people and interact with them for mutual benefit. Certainly, one of the first few questions you would have to answer when you meet a new prospect is “Do you have a business card”?

Of course, your answer should be “Yes” if you’re prepared. But, another thing is not having a business card that’s outstanding and that could lead to business with your new prospect at a later date. Now the big question is “how can you make your business card unique among its peers”?

So, let’s get to you on how to make your business card stand out. Here we go!

  • Use a custom shape: Over 80% of the regular business cards we see are a standard rectangular shape. Some even have rounded corners. You can try something different by including a distinctive twist to the traditional rectangular shape. Think about the fun shapes that, when you make, will showcase what exactly your business is all about. Are you a car dealer? What about creating a business card shaped like a car? Or you own a coffee shop? You could create a business card shaped like a coffee cup or create a round coaster-like business that your clients could use for their morning joe. Most specialty business card printing services will be able to help you with custom designs.
  • Include your logo: Logos are visual representations of what a business entails. As important as they are, they are one of the first things people look at when they receive any business card. A logo is a great thing to include in a business card so customers can identify your business and its purpose.
  • Include your social media information: There is no doubt that the social media has evolved from a space for personal interaction into an exciting marketing channel for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Adding your social media info to your business card gives you the perfect chance to direct new connections to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts among others.
  • Include a call to action: Business cards are perhaps the most traditional form of marketing, but it’s an easy and cost-effective way to reach out to your prospective customers. Your business card is not just something you can use to pass information about your business alone, your business card can also be made a call to action. In order to make your business stand out, you have to be innovative when it comes to your call to action so as to get your customers to do what you really want them to do.


We’ve discussed ways by which you can make your business card stand out in your industry. Therefore, we conclude by saying a unique business card provides tons of benefits which includes; Capturing your desired leads, leaving a long-lasting impression about your brand and also symbolizing a high level of professionalism. Hence, it is essential to take the time to create an impactful business card for your brand.

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