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I Finally Decided to Try Takl – This is What Happened

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I installed Takl for the first time just a few weeks ago, based on an advertisement and through a friend. I was told it was the “Uber” of handywork, but I had to see for myself. As a homeowner, I always have projects that need to be completed, but I often spend so much time looking for a reliable, timely, experienced company that won’t charge me an arm and a leg to do the work! When I logged into Takl, the process was very simple. I created an account, entered my payment details, provided my address, and navigated through the categories of work to see what the Takl professionals are able to do. The job types vary, from assembly to auto repair to housecleaning to delivery services to handyman work to junk removal and more. There are also “build your own job” and “set your own price” sections that allows users to create their own requirements.

When I was ready to submit my first request, I selected “handyman services” and I navigated to shower caulking as a service. Then, I was able to review professionals with their customer reviews, star ratings, photo, and number of years’ experience. I scheduled the work through the app calendar, based on my availability. One of the best parts of the app is that it shows me a real price for just about every granular service! How many companies do you know that are upfront about pricing for services work? Not many.

In my case, I needed to have someone caulk my shower so that it did not accumulate mildew/mold over time. The price was fixed and less expensive (about $100) than what I received from other companies that I had to call and track down. I did have to provide the actual caulk product and upload a photo of my shower prior to the work being done. Within less than 10 minutes of getting my account and contact information setup, the app matched me with a professional who has 17 years of experience and a five-star rating in Takl. I was able to see his photo, years of experience, as well as customer reviews within the app. The work was done to perfection within two business days and the messenger section allowed the professional to message me when he was stuck in traffic. It was so easy.

Overall, my favorite aspects of Takl are:

  • The speed of the app. It has not shutdown at all and I have opened it about 20 times since I started to use it
  • The secure nature of my information. I didn’t have to pay anyone money in person.
  • The navigation structure. It’s easy to search for or select job categories and granular chores to find what I need.
  • The scheduling option. I can check my home and work schedule to see when I’m free and I just have to wait a few minutes to get matched. This eliminates me from having to go to Yelp, call a few companies, and wait longer than I want to for an appointment.
  • The pricing transparency! I love that I can budget for and prioritize each job without wondering how much it will really cost.

If I had to suggest any changes to the app, I would recommend:

  • Incorporate additional job categories, based on popular demand. One area that comes to mind now is interior design.
  • Give the option for the professional to purchase the materials for an additional fee.
  • Allow users to select their favorite professionals to complete jobs, based on past work.
  • Integrate to an app such as Home Depot, in order to help users budget for materials.

If you want to try Takl to get things done around your home – use this coupon code: 8E54F9E and you’ll save 10%. Best of luck!

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