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Learning New Skills to Further Yourself as a Self-Employed Individual

If you’ve recently become a self-employed individual then you’ll know just how difficult it can be to balance your time. Whether you run a business or spend most of your time talking with clients before starting your work, being self-employed is a huge responsibility. The lack of time can actually be a huge hindrance since it’s hard to find time to spend on yourself. You’re constantly at work if you’re a solo entrepreneur, hence why it’s a good idea to look for different ways to study and grow your skills as you work.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at a couple of simple ways to help you learn new skills and further yourself as a self-employed individual.

No clients to work with? Focus on your portfolio

When you’re not working with clients directly, it’s a good idea to continue working and practising your skills so they don’t become dull. Not only does this keep you sharp, but it can actually offer lots of different opportunities. Working on personal projects can help grow your portfolio which attracts more attention and gives you more content to put on your website. You can also use your portfolio as part of your CV and resume if you ever decide to apply for a regular job.

Use audiobooks as much as possible

If you’re accustomed to learning by ear then audiobooks are a fantastic way for you to learn while you work. Simply pop in some earphones as your work starts and you’ll be treated to a wonderful audiobook that can teach you different skills. You can listen to them on the train, on the bus, while walking or even at work if it doesn’t bother your clients. Audiobooks cover a range of different topics and there’s usually always some educational content available. Don’t hesitate to experiment around to see what you like best and what can actually teach you new skills.

Consider taking an online course

Another great way to continue developing yourself as a self-employed individual is to take online courses. Online courses are relatively inexpensive, some of them are managed by prolific individuals and it can be a fantastic way to learn in the comfort of your own home. You can learn virtually anything with online courses as there are so many different subjects, schools and even price ranges. You could undergo a course for things you’re passionate about, even if it’s online courses for home stagers or learning all about interior design. Online courses are arguably one of the best ways to get unique qualifications and also build up confidence with your future job.

Learn by doing it

Lastly, don’t forget to actually do things to help you build up your skills and confidence. Many people get stuck in a loop of just reading or listening, but if your job involves even a bit of muscle memory then it’s best to get used to it by doing it with your own hands as well. Practise your new skills, read up about it and grow yourself steadily.

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