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Looking For Free Publicity: It’s Easier Then You Think

While making a great product is important to a company’s success, the best product in the world will not sell if people do not know about it. It can be tough for businesses, especially new or small ones, to secure the funds for a large advertising campaign. Luckily, there are ways to gain business publicity for free.

Looking For Free Publicity- It's Easier Then You Think

Leave Coupons at Other Local Businesses

One way to get free publicity is to leave a stack of coupons for your business on the counter of another local business (with their permission, of course). Then, when customers go to the other business, they will see coupons for your business and probably pick them up and take them home. Everyone loves a deal, and if you are offering a discount on a product or service people could use, they will likely take advantage of that.


Hand out Free Products Imprinted with Your Logo

Another way to get free publicity is to give people promotional products that are imprinted with your company’s logo. You could give away custom tote bags, custom shopping bags, or custom t-shirts. Then, when people use their tote bags at the grocery store or wear their t-shirts in their everyday lives, they become a walking billboard for your company. They will take your logo wherever they go and wherever they work. If they go to the grocery store or to the mall, they carry your company’s marketing message with them.


Host an Event or Fundraiser

Want a radio or newspaper ad without the cost? Host an event or fundraiser at your business and let the media know about it by sending them a press release. In this way, reporters, writers and bloggers could write an article about the charitable event with a mention of your business. Radio stations may even set up a booth and broadcast from your store, asking their listeners to stop by for a free radio station bumper sticker. Then, they could stick around to buy your product.


Use Social Media

Social media is the latest way to get free publicity for your business. Simply create a Facebook business page that includes information about your company and your products or services. Then, have everyone you know “like” and “share” your page. When your fans share your company’s page, your company information goes on their page for all of their friends and family members to see as well. Your customers will do your advertising for you!


While advertising your business is essential to creating brand recognition and boosting your sales, it does not have to be expensive. Start simply with free publicity, and before long you will have plenty of money for those expensive advertising campaigns!

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