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Microsoft Certifications: What Are They and What Are the Benefits to Your Business?

It is difficult to imagine modern industries without computers; they have become vital to the everyday work of millions.

However, as computers and their software continue to offer users more functions and improved ways of working, does training reflect these advancements? It is sometimes said that the average person uses only a small amount of their brain’s capacity. Could that also be said of the average office’s use of computers? Are there ways of working with hardware and software that could be improved or made more efficient? Are there workplace solutions within software that workers do not have access to because they are simply not aware that they exist?

The Average Worker

When applying for a job, many candidates claim to be well-versed in Microsoft Office. However, unless the applicant has already completed recognized further training how can these claims be verified? When a person gauges their own level of proficiency in Microsoft Office, this is often limited to their own limited experience using the software, rather than any objective measure. For example, a person claiming to be an experienced user of Microsoft Office may only have a fairly average understanding of Word and Excel, and have some experience using PowerPoint and Outlook. But as their needs for the software have been limited, so too is their experience; as technology develops, it does not always follow that users are sufficiently educated to make the most of these developments. The perfect solution? A Microsoft Certification in Office 365.

What Certifications Are Available? 

There are many different Microsoft developer certification paths available – all designed to reflect modern computer usage. Among the categories of certification are ‘App Builder’, ‘Data Management & Analytics’, and ‘Cloud Platform & Infrastructure’. Examples of individual certifications are ‘Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows 10’, ‘MCSA: SQL 2016 Business Intelligence Development’ and ‘MCSA: Windows Server 2016’. Whatever your business’ needs, there is a Microsoft Certification available for you.

How Could Microsoft Certifications Benefit My Business?

If you are a business owner or manager, Microsoft Certifications offer an industry-recognised way of ensuring your staff have the relevant computer skills to do their job. The completion of many certifications actually qualifies people for certain jobs; for example the MCSA: Universal Windows Platform Certification qualifies users for a software developer and quality engineer role. More generally, given the fact that purchasing software such as Microsoft Office presents a significant outlay to businesses, it makes good sense for your staff to understand how to use it properly.

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