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Moving Your Office To A New Location For Spring

There might come a time during your years working for a nurturing a business when you finally decide that your current location isn’t bringing you everything you need in your career. A location might be too small, too quiet or maybe it simply doesn’t have the resources you need, but changing your office location can be a big job. Today we are going to take a look into how you can move your office somewhere new and the things you need to do.

Consult your team

Before you dive in gung ho and suddenly decide to move to another part of the country with your business, you need to meet with your staff. Your staff are as much part of the business as you are and moving could make a lot of them have to find a new job. Make sure you have a chat to your workers to see what they think you should do and also think about where you could move to realistically without losing your whole team. You can of course hire new people however it takes time to earn trust and respect and it is something which you should think of before throwing away.

Plan ahead

Moving your whole office to a new place is a job which will take a lot of time to do and this means you need to plan each and every detail carefully. Be sure that you take the time to plan in advance and make sure you set out a few days where you are ahead of your work and can spend the time moving the office to your new location without disrupting your business too much.

Hire a few trucks

You’ll need to have a few large trucks to carry everything along to the New office and you can choose Truck Finance or hire a truck for a week or so until you get everything from one place to the other. Make sure you are smart with the way you move your items because you want to create as little disruption as you can to the workflow of your business as a whole.

Delegate specific jobs

The best way that you can make the move as simple as you can is to delegate a specific job to every member of the team. Some people for example can go ahead and clean the office and paint it to freshen it up, some people will load the furniture into trucks and make sure each person’s computer is labelled, others will unload and set up the stations at the other end… there are a lot of jobs to do so make sure everyone knows what they need to do before they begin.

Enjoy the space

When you get to your new office spend the afternoon enjoying the job you have done! Grab some beers and snacks and celebrate the start of this new chapter in your business because it is something which can make a big impact on you and your team.

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