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Prepping for Your First Employee: Your Complete New Employee Checklist

Ready, set, wait!

On average it takes 42 days, and anywhere from $4,129 and up, for employers to fill an open position in their company. Depending on the industry, and type of role they’re hiring for, the wait time, and costs can go even higher.

After finding the right employee, the expenses only continue to grow. Training classes, uniforms, and other costs make bringing on new team members an expensive and time-consuming process.

If you want to make sure you’re not wasting your company’s time or money, you need a thorough new hire checklist. Read on to find out what business owners need to know before bringing on new employees.

New Hire Checklist

The very first item on your new hire checklist will be to get an EIN. Every business that can hire employees, has to have an employee identification number or EIN. The EIN will be a 9 digit number that’s specifically assigned to your business.

When you have your EIN, you can start using the services of companies, like, to help simplify payroll processes. You’ll receive your EIN once you’ve registered your company with the federal government. If you’re unsure of your company’s EIN, or you don’t have one yet, you’ll need to obtain it before bringing on any new hires.

Register With State Labor Department

After obtaining your EIN, you’re ready to register with your state’s specific labor department. When you take on new hires, you also take on the responsibility of promising to pay state unemployment compensation taxes.

The taxes will go directly to a fund for the unemployment fund in your state. Workers who lose their jobs can benefit from these funds on a short term basis.

Know Wage and Hour Laws

Once you’re fully registered with your state’s labor department, you should inquire about your state’s wage laws. These regulations deal with how much you have to pay legally, when overtime’s required, and how long you can work employees without a break. Failing to comply with wage and hour laws can result in fines and further legal consequences.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

If you don’t already have a business insurance policy in place, you need to get one immediately. Having a solid policy in place will help protect you and your assets from a wide variety of perils.

Make sure that your insurance policy includes coverage for employee theft or damages caused by an employee. You should also have workers compensation coverage in place to protect any workers who get hurt on the job. 

Welcoming New Employees

Your new hire checklist should also include steps for welcoming your new employee to the team. Make sure they fully understand what their role is within the company, and who they can reach out to for help. When you foster a community atmosphere at the workplace, you’ll create a rich culture where everyone can thrive.

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