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The 5 Crucial Services that Will Drive Your New Business to Success

services new business Running a new business takes an enormous amount of work, and it is also a large risk for many entrepreneurs. While most build up small business ownership to be something that allows for you to work when you want and make a nice amount of money, the truth is that you will work more than you have ever before and you more than likely will not see a sizable profit for years, that’s if you do not fail within the first year, which happens to over 70% of new businesses. Luckily, but taking a bit of money and investing in some crucial services, you will be able to easily ensure the future success and profitability of your business venture.


Business Lawyer

In a country where litigation is a common, everyday occurrence, you will need to make sure that your business is properly protected from potential legal problems. You might think that your tiny little business couldn’t possibly get into trouble, but this is simply not true. Without a lawyer that is able to draw up business contracts, employee contracts, and set forth warnings on all of your products, you will be at risk of someone turning the law against you. A lawyer will also be able to help protect any of your intellectual property, as well as defend you from others that might think that you stole their idea.

Phone Support

More than likely, you will not want to spend all of your time on the phone, especially once you have finally left your business for the night. The problem is that your customers will still want to get in contact with you. In order to solve this dilemma, consider hiring a a phone support company. These sort of services will be able to answer calls, provide answers to questions, and record messages, making sure that you are only receiving the calls that truly demand your personal attention.

Professional Online Marketing

In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to run a successful business without using the Internet. While you more than likely have some familiarity with the online world, it takes an experienced professional to increase your market presence on the Internet. For example, Orangesoda helps you start a business by making it so that your website efficiently directs all of your customers to the information that they area seeking. Professional companies similar to Orangesoda will also help you by optimizing your keywords, by increasing your search engine presence, and by efficiently using PPC advertising.

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Employment Agency

Employment agencies will greatly speed up the process of finding new employees. Instead of going through the long and tiresome process of posting job openings, interviewing applicants, and going through the hiring process, you can simply use an employment agency to find qualified people that meet your needs. Simply give the agency what you are looking for and they will do all of the work, giving you qualified individuals that will be able to help your business grow and succeed.

Online Concierge

If you have to travel a great deal for your business, you might want to consider subscribing to an online concierge service. Instead of keep track of all your hotels and trying to navigate around new cities, let a concierge service handle your travels for you. These services will plan all of your trips, and they can provide you with any information that you might need once you are in a city, making sure that all of your trips are hassle free.


While all of these services will take an initial investment of money, what they are able to offer your business will help to keep your protected and it will save you an enormous amount of time, which you can dedicate to improving other parts of your business.

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