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Top Tips to Get Your Staff Motivated

With winter just around the corner it’s no surprise that workforces everywhere are finding it harder and harder to get and stay motivated. Cold, dark mornings make it difficult to get up, less sunlight makes for more miserable faces, and the bad weather makes it much harder to get to work. So, with all of this doom and gloom of the cold season, it’s time to think about making your staff get motivated.

1. Value them

Your staff turn up, day in, day out and yes you pay them at the end of every month, but it’s always nice to show your appreciation in other ways too. Perhaps you could implement ideas such as ‘dress down Fridays’ where there’s no need to turn up in smart office wear. Or how about ‘cake Mondays’ – where managers or team leaders take turns to bring a cake in to get the week off to a good start? Simple little ideas like this can help keep staff feeling happy and valued.

2. Give them workwear to be proud of

Tatty old clothes never make anyone feel good, so if you want a motivated and happy workforce it’s a good idea to take a look at what they’re wearing. If it’s time for some new work gear, why not design your own personalized workwear? This way you can work with your company’s existing color schemes and incorporate your business’ logo easily into the outfits. Choose embroidered workwear for a quality finish that your team will be proud to wear. Polo shirts, jumpers, and fleeces look great when they’ve been given the embroidery treatment and they’ll keep your staff looking professional and smart at all times. You could also opt for printed workwear. This finish provides a crisp clean look and costs less than the embroidery option – however it won’t last quite as long.

3. Team activities

If your staff are lacking in real get up and go, why not arrange a team bonding exercise? Do it in work time and they’ll be happy to get away from the routine of work – because as everyone knows, ‘a change is as good as a rest’. Opt for a fun activity like a tree-top climbing experience, or get really active with something like paintballing. Alternatively, you could all get to know each other better in a more calm and relaxed environment like afternoon tea. This latter option will feel like a real treat and while it’s certainly a chance to get talking and finding out more about each other, it won’t have the same ‘forced’ vibe as many other team-building activities.

However you choose to help motivate your staff, one thing’s for sure, we’re positive that when you look good you feel good. So make sure you really consider your personalized workwear options. Plus, when you decide to design your own outfit you’ve got the power to create the workwear you really want for your business. If you do need a little help with the finishing touches though, contact a specialist printing company such as Brandawear, who’ll be able to help with all the little details.

George Christo has a passion for Customised t-shirts, work wear embroidery and teamwear – this is his job and his world. You can connect with him on Google+

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