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Ways Of Improving The Waiting Experience For Your Customers

It is a fact that no one really enjoys spending time in the waiting room, expecting their turn. There is little patience, since everything in today’s world is so hectic. However, the whole experience doesn’t have to be so tedious at all, if you put some thought into how you design it. There is a wide variety of ways that you can keep your customers engaged or entertained while they wait. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best ways that you can improve the waiting experience for your customers.

Provide them with reading materials

Almost every waiting room has magazines and newspapers set out so that the customers can do something while they wait. You can make use of furniture such as a coffee table, shelves, a wall rack or any kind of holder that makes reading materials organized and easy to get a hold of. The selection of magazines needs to focus on a variety of themes, such as fashion, sports, and health, and it is important that you always keep them updated. Furthermore, you can provide your customers with pamphlets that present your services. These are great because they enable your clients to get answers to questions even before they ask them.

Provide free Wi-Fi

Some people prefer reading materials, while others tend to focus on their mobile devices and tablets. Therefore, it is essential that you provide them with complimentary Wi-Fi. It’s a fact that it is actually something most people expect from your waiting room today. They want to be able to access their social media pages or browse the internet, and they want it free and fast. While they do so, time will pass by much faster. Discuss increased bandwidth with your internet service provider so that your customers can use Wi-Fi. If you already have a Wi-Fi network for your employees, create a separate network for guests, with its own username and password.

Set the right mood

When people wait, they prefer having their own comfort zone, so it is the best idea to create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Live plants bring life to your waiting room – just make sure that you choose the ones that don’t cause allergies. If there are windows, you should make sure that the blinds are open and that there is enough natural light. Implement fish thanks, as they are great entertainment both for grownups and children alike. Hang scenic paintings on your walls that complement the entire mood. Think about how each item will affect your customers, and make a smart choice.

Encourage your customers to check in

It might be a great idea to make your customers want to check in with your business via social media, and offer them incentives when they do so, such as discounts or freebies. This is a great form of word-of-mouth marketing, but also a way to adjust your marketing efforts according to your current customer base. Next to that, you can also encourage your customers to provide their email addresses and other valuable data when they sign onto your complimentary Wi-Fi Network. This way you can create a list of digital contacts and tailor remarketing campaigns.

Create a child-friendly environment

If you truly want to accommodate your waiting room to your customers’ needs, you also need to think about the kids. Spending time in a waiting room can be a tedious experience for grownups, let alone for the little ones who need something to draw their attention or they might really make a scene about it. If you have a television service in your waiting room, make sure that you have an alternate screen that shows only children’s programs. You could also consider implementing a rack with books for children, or some coloring pages and crayons they can use. Furthermore, according to photo booth hire professionals, implementing a photo booth where they can take pictures is a fun solution, both for the kids and their parents. The idea is to make the waiting experience bearable for the kids, so that the parents don’t have to worry about it.

Provide comfy furniture

Comfortable furniture is a necessity for your waiting room. The first thing your customer will look for is a comfy seat that they can take up, which will not make them get a backache from waiting too long. It may be tempting to save money and go for cheap wooden chairs that work only for a limited period of time, but it is always a better idea to invest in high-quality padded seats. While a lot of waiting rooms use benches as solutions, it is a fact that a lot of people actually prefer having some personal space to themselves. This is why probably the best choice is to invest in some great waiting room chairs with comfy armrests.

In summation

It is essential that your waiting room provides the right entertainment for your customers. It has to have comfortable furniture, and set the proper mood. You also need to think about the clients that come with their children. Finally, even when you set all this right, you need to make sure that your staff is friendly and makes them feel welcome. Even with the best entertainment solutions for your reception room, nothing can really replace a genuine smile and a nice word.

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