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When it’s Time to Quit Your Day Job and Start Your Own Business

If you are stuck in a nine to five job, then it can seem like, even if you enjoy it, that there is no way out. It can be hard to ‘cut the cord’ so to speak, even if you are fueled with some ambition and want to get your ideas up and running. If you have an idea that you have been wanting to run on the side of your ‘proper’ job, then it is important to remember that a lot of business ventures on the side can become energy-sucking and money wasting. And you don’t want to let that fuel you so that you don’t have the energy to try again down the line. But naturally, leaving a job that is steady and always there as a way to earn is really helpful. Knowing when to leave, if at all, is something that many entrepreneurs face, but getting it done right is important. 

At some point, there comes a time when enough is enough. As blog posts from entrepreneurs like Paul Ognibene of Urban Spaces will show you, you can be on the way to success and leadership as an entrepreneur when you take the leap to go out and do it. So here are some of the ways that you know it is time to move on from your full-time nightmare and more onto your full-time entrepreneurial dream.

Ready for Business But Lacking in Time

If you are someone that is lacking in time, then spending evenings and weekends on your idea or your business can be great. But it can be pretty impossible to be able to grow the business into something that is making real money, when you only have weekends or evenings to do so. If you have other team members, or would need them to scale the business, then that can also be a tricky aspect if you’re not approachable to train or lead them through the majority of the day. You will miss the chance to do more and ‘scale up’ if you don’t give yourself enough time for things. 

Enough Money Saved

One of the things that makes the decision to leave a real leap of faith, is because you never know what will happen with the business. And although you might have plans to be profitable after a certain amount of time, you need to make sure that you have enough to keep living off until things really start to take off. So it can be a clear sign that you’re good to ‘go it alone’ when you have enough money saved up to look after yourself, at least for a little while. If not, the decision to quit and work for yourself can feel like quite a daunting one. 

You Decide it’s Time

In some ways, starting a business is a lot like having a child or asking someone to marry you; there never is going to be a ‘right’ time. There will always be reasons not to do something. But really, the idea of things falling into place exactly as and when you need them to is something that is a pretty rare occurrence. So think about what things ‘being in place’ looks like to you, and then you can go from there. 

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