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11 Ideal Career Choices For Left-Brained Individuals

How do you know when a career is right for you? More often than not, you don’t. You just have to feel it. Sometimes, it’s something that comes with time. Or sometimes, you knew very early on in your life exactly what you’re meant to do. Either way, it doesn’t always make the process of getting to the right decision all that easy. However, there are ways that you can start to get there.

One of which is considering deep within yourself. What kind of person you are, what your strengths are, what you enjoy – those kinds of things. You can even decide to look at how you think. You’ll often find that you can match your ideal career choice to how your brain operates. So let’s take a look at some career options that would be a strong match for those that are left-brained thinkers.

A left-brained thinker tends to be associated with logic, rationalization, and organization. They lean more towards problem-solving than emotion. If you’re a left-brained thinker, you’re probably comfortable with data, processing information, analysis and enjoy subjects like mathematics and science. If that sounds like you, let’s take a look at some key career choices for you to consider.

Financial Advisor

When you’re great with logic and numbers, you may want to consider working in the world of finance. While there are a lot of different financial jobs that you could think about going into, a financial advisor could be a great contender. With an education in mathematics, business, or finance, you may find that advising private or commercial clients on their investments and finances always you to combine your skill with numbers and interest in analysis.


Next, you might like to think about a career as a lawyer. Working with the law is a great career choice for left-brain thinkers. It often requires logic and analysis, as well as a lot of strategy too. For this, you will need to go to law school, pass the bar and then land your first placement in a law firm. Regardless of whether you choose to do corporate law, criminal law, or any other specialism, your education requirements will be the same.

Civil Engineer

Engineering itself is a great trade for left-brain thinkers. But if you want to be able to use your skills to the best of your abilities, you may find that becoming a civil engineer in the right path for you. Civil engineers solve a lot of problems in society. A lot of their work will make a difference to a lot of the ways that our everyday lives work. Your education should be in civil engineering, and you need to be certified. Then, you can go into design or even project management.


Another financial field that may prove to be a great career choice for you is accountancy. If you like working with numbers, then taxation and business finance could be interesting and challenging enough for you. A major in finance will be needed, but you’re also going to need to pass accreditation for this career path too.

Machine Learning Scientist

Then there’s also the field of artificial intelligence, data, and development. If you love technology, information, and science, this could definitely be a very interesting and rewarding career choice for you. A background in computer science is a must, but you may also find that an online machine learning course enhances your modern understanding. Experience in working with AI or prior knowledge will be required to break into the industry.

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Left-brain thinkers often have a keen interest or aptitude for the sciences. Although there is a range of different majors to consider when you’re a fan of science, medicine could be one of the most rewarding. Taking pre-med courses and going to medical school is mandatory for any would-be doctor, but you may also want to consider the medical specialisms that are open to you too. Then, a residency will be required before you’re a fully qualified doctor in your chosen field.

Research Scientist

Of all the different kinds of scientist careers that you could consider, as a left-brained thinker, a research scientist may interest you the most. Not only are you able to conduct research into an area of interest, but you can use your problem solving and logic skills to uncover new ideas, theories, and developments.

Computer Programmer

If your interests lie heavily within computer science, you may want to consider a career as a computer programmer. An educational background in computer programming would be required here, often as high as doctorate level. Then, you can begin your career within the business world, within government or even in academia.


Another key career choice that you may like to consider would be a professor. If you have a keen interest in academia, continuing your education to the doctorate level and becoming a research assistant may be the next steps for you. Whether you want to go into the sciences, technology, or numbers, you will find that becoming a professor allows you to both conduct valuable research into your field, and work with other great minds of the future.


When you have a strong interest in analysis, you may want to think about the kinds of analyst careers that are open to you. Because not only may you be interested in research, there’s also the option to become a business analyst or even a data analyst too. Here, your educational background could vary, but you will need to major in the field most related to the kind of analysis you’re interested in. Do some research on business analyst career overview if you are interested in following this career path.


Finally, you may also want to consider a career path as a researcher. Again, like an analyst, you can often find these careers across a wealth of different industries and not just academia. Whether you want to be a researcher for business, government, nonprofit, or any other kind of industry, you may want to consider your options before choosing your major, although you should find studying to the doctoral level will develop you sound research skills.

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