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3 Amazing Careers That Most People Overlook

When it comes to choosing a career, you can often find yourself tiptoeing through a minefield. Our friends sometimes influence us, a great deal of us want to live up to the expectations of our parents.

Sadly what happens is somewhere down the line there is a sudden change, and the career will change. We are going to look at a few professions that often go overlooked.

The Lab Tech

The lab tech is one of the most underrated jobs in the medical field. It is, in fact, the forgotten field. Nearly all labs have lab techs and the most surprising this of all, and you don’t need a college degree to be a lab tech.

When it comes to this job, you can do a night school, and there are even online qualifications now. When you eventually get into the field, you will find yourself never wanting to leave. The lab is where all the magic happens. 

The people of the labs are unsung heroes. After all, your diagnosis very rarely comes from the doctor. Hollywood would have you believe the doctors come in and magically diagnoses the patient. The real fact is simply this. 70% of everything that goes on in a hospital goes through the lab. So if you are interested in the medical profession, this could be a significant step in the right direction for you.

The Paralegal

Another misunderstood profession is paralegal. Often depicted as loners and geeky coffee runners, it has been an under glamorized career for many years. 

Being a paralegal, first of all, requires a brain. You won’t just be fetching coffee that is for sure. Yes, you may be a legal assistant. You will be interviewing, you will need legal knowledge, and you will be preparing a lot for court.

Without a paralegal, there would be no case and what is more. You will get to see the nitty-gritty of every case from the bottom to the top. Becoming a paralegal is also a career choice for the non college graduate. You can just go on and get onto a paralegal certificate program.

Should you find yourself falling completely in love with the job. Some paralegals do actually go on to study law and further their career.

Self-Enrichment Educator

This career is quite often shunned and really shouldn’t be. When people talk about doing something that they love for a living, this should really be it. 

This job has the entry requirements of only a high school diploma and a personal skillset. Self-enrichment educators teach non-academic subjects. You could probably say they teach important life skills or additional skill, ones at which they hold certain expertise.

You can teach anything from cooking to blogging, and unbelievable this job pays more than that of a fitness instructor. So if you are looking for a job where you can literally teach something you love, this could be precisely that.

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