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3 Career Opportunities for Those Who Want to Travel

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fingers on a mapLet’s start with a basic assertion the travel market represents one of the true growth industries in the world. This is despite a decidedly volatile economic and geopolitical climate, which has some experts discussing the prospect of a global recession in 2017. 

There are several reasons for this disproportionate growth, of course, from the the proliferation of cheap business class flights with Just Fly Business to the way in which artificial intelligence (AI) is creating a seamless and intuitive travelling experience.

With the option of commercial travel also one of several innovative ways through which employers are looking to motivate their their staff in the modern age, which in turn is increasing the demand for business flights and overseas visits.

3 Intriguing Career Opportunities for Those Who Are Looking to Travel

Far from being a by-product of their career, however, some people will claim that travel has helped to discover their chosen path. This is increasingly true in an interconnected world, so here are three career opportunities to consider if you have a passion for or a desire to travel.

Au Pair

If you want to travel but also have a desire to achieve some kind of professional security, working as an international au pair may be the ideal option for you. Not only does this provide accommodation in an international destination, for example, but it usually requires applicants to remain in at least one position for a minimum period of one year. In terms of qualifications, you will need to speak a second, relevant language fluently, while it is also crucial that you have a basic childcare diploma and official certification.

This is also a job role that demands practical experience, so it is crucial that you have worked while studying and built a credible stream of references.

Cruise Line Worker or Operative

If you are familiar with real-time travel statistics, you will know that tailor-made, personalised cruise packages came to dominate the sector in 2015. Thanks to the diversification of cruise destinations and the desire among travellers to enjoy all-inclusive trips, this type of experience has grown in popularity over time.

This has created more opportunities for those who wish to work on cruises, which already boast a large diversity of job roles and skill-sets. Entertainers and hospitality staff are among the most prolific and in-demand employees, of course, while some operators have specialist roles depending on the nature of their destinations.


Let’s finish with the most serious and financially rewarding option on the list, which is working as a skilled and qualified archaeologist. These individuals are often required to travel across the length and breadth of the world, with exotic destinations in places such as South America and the Middle East among the most widely-excavated.

While this is one of the most satisfying and financially rewarding jobs for those who love to travel, however, it is also among the most demanding. You will need to study for a minimum of five years, for example, while gaining a Masters (or a PHD) in the required course. Once again, you will also need to source practical experience too, so consider volunteering to attend excavations prior to applying for work.

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