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3 Creative Careers in Food

Do you want to work in food but not in a conventional restaurant kitchen? You’re in luck! Unique food opportunities are more available today than ever before. You just have to pick the one that matches your particular set of skills. Here are three creative careers in food.


Food Truck Owner

A restaurant’s kitchen can be a scary place. Lots of people run in and out of the area, making intense demands. When the restaurant is a few tickets behind, a panicky mood is pervasive, stressing out all the workers. Who needs that aggravation?

As a food truck owner, you get to serve all your favorite comfort food recipes, but you work on your own terms. You set the hours, you target the potential customers, and you hire a staff.

You probably only need one or two people to work with you, and you’ll find many food trucks for sale on the Internet. Plus, you can market for free via social media. These aspects make it an inexpensive business that’s also a fun place to work. The only things you need to run this business are an equipped food truck, cooking skills, and some business sense.


Food Streamer

Social eating is a strange but popular form of streaming on services such as Twitch. All you need to become a food streamer in the field of social eating is a broadcast camera. Your smartphone will suffice in most situations. Viewers assume that you’re eating at a public restaurant when you’re not home, and so your phone is your only choice. The downside is that you’ll have grainy video and buffering issues at times, though.

The appeal of social eating is that you share a communal bond with your viewers. You’re inviting them into your social group. They may dare you to try some outlandish foods at times, but that’s what friends do.

You need no formal training to become a food streamer, which makes it an appealing option. Better yet, you can make new friends from different parts of the world. An interesting phenomenon about social eating is that people are curious about the dining behavior in other countries. Plus, you don’t have to do any cooking. You just have to eat.


Recipe Tester

Test kitchens are one of the least appreciated parts of any food company. Great recipes drive sales. To create a new recipe, chefs go through a trial-and-error process. They experiment in the kitchen to see if ideas merit consideration.

Recipe testers are the guinea pigs who sample the wares. A chef delivers a plate of food, and you honestly evaluate how tasty the dish is. The key elements in recipe testing are a discerning palate and strong communication skills. You relay any suggestions about recipe improvements in an honest, open way. Otherwise, the restaurant serves a new dish that’s lacking. That’s a quick way to damage your reputation in the food industry.

You don’t need any formal training to become a recipe tester, but culinary schools do offer classes in this field. At a minimum, you must prove your palate. A quality food blog helps, too.

This is an exciting time for foodies. The three examples here reflect the vast options available for job-seeking food fanatics.

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