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3 Great Jobs that don’t Require a College Degree

Graduate unemployment poses one of the most serious issues in Western society, with nations’ such as the U.S. and UK providing a relevant case in point. Although there are many facets to this issue, the most debilitating is the fact that college graduates fail to develop practical workplace skills during their education. There are numerous statistics to support this claim, with one in particular revealing that 40% of college seniors in the U.S. fail to graduate with advanced reasoning skills. These represent transferable workplace skills, and it is extremely difficult to succeed to develop a career without this.

3 Progressive Careers that do not require a College Education in 2015

Given the cost and questionable practicality of a college education, it is worth considering career opportunities that do not require a degree. There are many options that can be accessed through either apprenticeships or internships, each of which offers competitive pay, excellent benefits and the potential for long-term career advancement. For example: –

  1. Dental Hygienist

There are many factors that contribute towards a progressive career, from the available level of job satisfaction to practical considerations such as income and employment growth. One career path that ticks all of these boxes is dental hygienist, which offers an average annual remuneration of $68,000, income growth of 109% and employment growth of 37.70%. Dental hygienists are also able to enjoy a rich and satisfying job role through which they are able to help others and administer care. This role also carries a significant level of status, as it performs a central function within the medical services sector.

  1. Automotive Mechanic

Working as mechanic represents a medium-skilled form of engineering, but despite this it is a skill that can be acquired through part-time vocational courses or apprenticeships. This rule applies whether you work as a heating or refrigerating mechanic or work exclusively on car engines, and these jobs pay anywhere between $43,000 and $50,000 per annum. The demand for this type of work is also continuing to rise, with new car sales peaking and used car dealerships such as Orange Wheels offering an ever-broadening range of affordable vehicles to customers. As you become more skilled, you may even be able to establish your own lucrative venture in this field.

  1. Electrical Technician

In terms of practical, blue collar careers, few are as rewarding or expansive as an electrical technician. With an average income of $56,000 per annum and employment growth of 1.90%, this is a lucrative job role that is benefitting from increased demand and considerable technological advancement. As a result of this, income has also grown in this sector by 138%, and this is only likely to soar higher over the course of the next twelve to eighteen months. Apprenticeships offer the best possible route into this sector, as this enables you to benefit from on-the-job training and earn while acquiring valuable industry skills.

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