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3 Reasons Why Domestic and Household Jobs are an Attractive Career Choice

Today’s busy lifestyles often mean that many professionals have little time or energy to undertake their household chores in addition to the long hours spent at work. In this case those who can afford to often enlist the help of domestic and household agencies or individuals to help them with their household chores. The demand for such jobs is always high, as many people shun this type of work for a variety of reasons. At the end of the day, domestic jobs may not be the most glamorous but they are an attractive career choice for anyone willing to build their resume in the industry.


With that in mind, we have compiled three reasons why domestic and household jobs are increasingly an attractive career choice.


  1. Flexible Working Hours

One of the best advantages of working in household and domestic jobs is the flexibility of your working hours. For example, if you work through an agency you can easily schedule your week by letting them book you for jobs at the times you know you will be free. Domestic jobs secured directly with the client may have more rigid set times, but the majority of household jobs are usually available within sociable hours. Typical working times normally occur during the day when homeowners are at work or at weekends and so if you’re currently working in this industry the hours will mostly fall within these times.


  1. A Better Work-Life Balance

A massive benefit that is the result of the flexible working hours common in household and domestic work is that of a better work-life balance. Unlike traditional full-time roles where you’re required to be at work at fixed times, working in the domestic tasks industry may just be the complete opposite. As mentioned above, those who get a household staff job will usually be able to book work commitments for the hours that they are free, giving them the flexibility to use the rest of their time as they wish.


Parents working in the industry can schedule work around their childcare commitments, while those with more free time have the option to book more hours and boost their earning potential.


  1. Increasing Recognition and Rights

Many industries have been ‘disrupted’ by new and emerging technologies in recent years. One of the most prominent of these is the on-demand economy, where tech companies are shaping the future of work as we know it in many industries. But as with any new advances, there have been a few hiccups along the way with app-based work coming under scrutiny on the issue of workers’ rights. Most domestic workers already have recognition as fully-fledged workers despite their part-time hours and as a result usually receive any holiday or healthcare entitlements as required under the law.


With the rise of on-demand services, many regulatory bodies are coming to the consensus that workers within the industry should be recognised as employees rather than contractors. This is the third reason that makes domestic work more attractive than ever due to the fact that it is increasingly becoming a more recognised and regulated industry.


In conclusion, all the above make domestic and household jobs  a more stable and viable career choice for anyone who prefers flexible working hours, full worker entitlements, and a better work-life balance.

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