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3 Unconventional Ways to Stay Effective at Your Job

There are many components that go into making you effective at your job, and keeping you at the top of your game come hell or high water.

Of course, being attentive and conscientious with your work is a major factor, as is keeping your skill set up to date, and seeking out such training opportunities as may become necessary over the course of your career.

There are, however, also a variety of less obvious things that contribute to your productivity and success as a businessperson, and which can have an absolutely devastating effect on your career and future professional prospects if not properly accounted for.

So, for the sake of avoiding any unnecessary professional mishaps, here are various important factors that affect your performance.

Pay serious attention to your health

This is an extremely important point to keep in mind, not least of all because so many serious professionals and ambitious, driven people in general, are liable to utterly burn themselves out in the pursuit of excellence in the workplace.

If, however, you are pulling constant all-nighters, relying on a diet of caffeine and nicotine to keep you going, missing meals, ignoring the nutritional value of what you do eat, and allowing no downtime for relaxation and recovery, then any progress you’re making in the short-term will be counterbalanced by immense problems down the line.

When your health is ruined, it’s very likely that you won’t be able to work at all, nevermind work effectively. Even when your health is just on the ropes, you can expect your productivity to suffer dramatically.

Put simply, maintaining good health is an investment in your career, now and tomorrow. Good health promotes consistency, energy, creativity. Bad health does not.

Always be on the lookout for bigger, better, and more encouraging opportunities

Whatever it is that you do for a living, you should always be on the lookout for bigger, better, and more encouraging opportunities.

If you work as a trucker, for example, but aren’t happy with your current contract — or even if you are — you should continually be researching search terms such as trucking companies near me. In a few years, you want to be in a better truck, running better routes, for better money.

This may sound like just a career-advancement tip, but it also helps your productivity in your current role. If you see yourself as a professional, worthy of a better role, and feel positive about the future, it’s very likely you’ll work better today.

Avoid destructive lifestyle habits

Often, much of the negative stuff that goes on in our lives — and affects our professional performance negatively, too — is rooted in our own habit structures.

Negative habits often affect health. Habitual binge drinking on the weekend, for example, is terrible for our bodies and minds, and will also leave us barely functional come Monday morning.

Other negative habits are less obvious. We may, for example, have developed a habit of checking social media every hour or so — and this may completely throw our productivity off at regular intervals throughout the day.

Evaluate your habits ruthlessly, and work on dissolving those that harm your professional capabilities.

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