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3 Ways to Make Sure You’re Not Next on the Chopping Block

In an unstable job market, making yourself stand out may be the way to save your job and even get a promotion, instead of being a victim of all the cuts that are happening in almost every industry.

1.    Do more than what is expected of you. Have work turned in ahead of deadlines. Take initiative and seek out things to do that normally don’t get done when you have extra time. If they are things that will definitely get noticed, all the better. Learn a new skill that will serve you well in the workplace. Show your versatility. This will let the decision-makers know that you can adapt well to doing other tasks if kept on staff.
2.    Ensure that your employer gets the full worth of his time investment in you. Arrive at least a little early and leave a little late. Don’t take long lunches. Take care of personal business outside of work hours. Don’t spend time chatting with other coworkers. Your boss and his boss should know that you are a diligent worker and well worth keeping.
3.    Stay out of work dramas. Those who are often at the center of conflicts or are constantly vocal about perceived injustices, are putting their own career on the line. When the time comes for cuts, troublemakers get short-listed first.

Put these tips to work for you and reduce the chances of losing your job. Even if there is no escaping it and you end up without a job, at least you will have made a great impression on your employers, therefore earning a glowing recommendation to help in your job search.

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