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4 Jobs That Will Stay in High Demand Over the Next 5 Years

Several economies worldwide suffered heavily from the COVID-19 pandemic, with over 22 million job losses in the U.S. alone since the outbreak. According to experts, it may require the U.S. at least four years to recover from the massive unemployment surge attributable to the pandemic. However, some job sectors will experience a high demand for gradual economic reopening while others go defunct. If you’re looking for work or considering a career path, then you’re in luck. Experts have predicted that these jobs will be in high demand for the next five years.

  • Nursing assistant 

With an average annual pay of $28,454, it remains one of the jobs that has experienced high demand since the pandemic outbreak and will continue to trend for the next few years. These nursing associates work under enrolled nurses in medical facilities such as clinics, hospitals, and nursing institutions. Nursing assistants are responsible for assisting patients with personal hygiene, recording their vital signs, and keeping patients’ health records. However, they must be certified in their respective states before they can practice. 

  • Home health assistant 

Home health aides are tasked with taking care of their clients daily in their home. Daily tasks like dressing and hygiene guarantee clients follow their daily medications while assisting clinical professionals maintaining a client’s well-being. Numerous home health assistants work with the aged, and with the growing risk of the pandemic, several homes and individuals will require their services for their elderly. As of February 2021, the average pay for home health aides in the U.S. stands at $10.68/hour. Although a formal education may not be necessary, several employers prefer an aide with Home Care and Hospice certification to get proper assistance for themselves or the elderly in their homes. 


  • Financial advisors 

Financial advisory service has always seen considerable demand with the increasing number of people seeking assistance to manage their finances. From planning long and short-term goals to exploring debt repayment and deciding investments, financial advisors make their earnings in various ways, including charging for their time spent and commission earnings. If you want to take up a career in financial service delivery, consider enhancing your knowledge on trading on forex platforms such as MT5. With the growth in digital currency and assets, many seek financial advisors’ services to understand the blockchain basics and how it can influence their financial plans. There’s no better time than now to be a qualified financial advisor.

  • Web development 

According to statistics, out of the 30 million small U.S. businesses, only 64% have a website. Yet this should come as no surprise, with many business owners lacking the technical knowledge to take their business online. But with the current pandemic, trading online is no longer an option but a must-have business resource if you want your business not just to survive but grow. This will contribute to the demand for skilled web developers to build, create and maintain website content using HTML and JavaScript. You may be required to possess a bachelor’s or associate degree depending on the job needs. Additionally, you can take freelancing jobs as well.  

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